6 Inch Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

I only know of one 6 - inch hamburger press out there, since the concept itself of 6” for this use is a little more rare and hard to come by (and apparently not as popular either, I see, which is why most brand burger press makers have not taken the challenge on face - first and made one). And this one I am talking about is sold right here by our very own Amazon.

It sells itself well, I wish I could say. But then I would be lying, he he heh, and they call me Honest Abe. So, with that said, there have only been two ratings on this product, and the overall rating score for it now sits at 2 stars, not an ideal place to be at all. Plus, the product costs a little over $600 —- when you and I check our wallets and really sit down to decide if we want to spend that much moola on a product that is poorly rated and holds less than three purchases, we usually go with option “heck, no”. So most people see this and pass —- yet, the product still exists, and someone was still bold enough to try it, a 6 - inch burger press, so they do deserve some credit for trying.

One option offered online, as the needed alternative, then, is to make your own 6 - inch press….which seems to be not so hard a thing to do as you might have thought before. If you have a PVC pipe (which you can get from Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc.), and a proper cutting tool for it, cut yourself a nice, 3/8” ring. (Or just buy such a ring, already cut, which will be easier but less challenging…do you want a real challenge, though?) Next, just simply get some parchment paper and put the ring right on it (like the song goes, “Put a ring on it! Ooh, yeah.”)

Use ground meat (yes, that’s right — there is a method to my madness, though, so bear with it) to fill up the ring itself. Add a 2nd piece of parchment paper right over the top and then force that meat to take the shape of your ring. How? Well, by rolling back and forth, right over the top, with — you got it —- a rolling pin from your kitchen. It works ideally best when you slightly over - fill that ring ; it is better, all in all, to have too much meat (which you can always have plenty to use with which to mold in shape and size) than to have too little (which is not enough to work with and leaves you scrambling).

Any excess meat will naturally get squeezed out, anyways, so you will not have to worry about any of it going to waste or such. You might also try butcher’s paper in place of parchment. For some, this has worked as well. Anyways, I hope this helps and gets you inspired to try it!