Blodgett Pizza Oven

Author : Efrain S.

He heh, the makers thought of you, so when you look at your Blodgett pizza oven handle next time and see their beautiful craftsmanship, you can remember they had your needs in mind with this product.

Now first of all, this pizza oven is one of the priciest yet best, and you can find it here : Blodgett Stainless Steel Deck Type 60” Gas Single Pizza Oven: Kitchen & Dining.

It is made for a single pizza but is no less potent, and if you can shell through some $15,000, you can bring home a true warrior of a pizza oven. It is fully of stainless steel all around, so you will literally be looking at shiny, silver steel from top to bottom…. a nice touch. I really like it, and it makes my kitchen feel a little fancier, as I remember it did when I once had this installed in there. Live that feeling of grandeur with it. And by the way, its pre – heating is super fast, only 10 minutes or less. And it also is quite fuel – efficient and energy – efficient.

It is, on another point of consideration entirely, quite a bit of heavy and can take up a ton of room in the place you put it. So keep that in mind. It can be hard to place and then un – place, so be careful and wise. And once you set it down somewhere, be prepared to have it sit there for a long time as needed ( or perhaps until you once again have the muscles and drive to lift it and move it, once more, he he he heh, but catch your breath first after setting it down ) . There is another one I would like to bring up —- the Blodgett 981. It costs around $18,000 and is serious! It means YOUR business, he heh….

It’s got a vitreous fiber insulation and is very durable. It’s heavy as well but not as heavy. And it requires such little maintenance, which is convenient.

There is also the 951, which costs only $1,000 ( and I say ONLY $1,000 like it’s a few pennies, he hehhh heh heh,… silly me ) . The nice thing about it is also fuel – efficient and has two separate sections or compartments of its own. Not only that, but it consumes about 50,000 BTU for each section, all in all.

Also check out the Blodgett 966 if you can. It is heavy, though, like the first one mentioned ( maybe a little more ) . Yet all in all, I like the 981 better than the others I listed here, but you are free to disagree here…. we all have different tastes about things. It’s got a nice safety panel and easy – to – use control flapper, by the way, which I didn’t mention…. probably the reason it stands atop my list of long – term favorites for great Blodgett pizza ovens.

More On the Blodgett Pizza Oven

This type of modern pizza oven is one that ought to be in every pizza lover’s backyard or business. It’s got such a list of great features and benefits it can do for you, that I can’t even list all of them here (I may perhaps have to write an entire book on the matter, if you know what I mean…..). This type of deck oven is sold under three main USPs, or as I like to call them (as they’re more generally known by), Unique Selling Points. And these are as follows : Proven performance, reliability and simplicity overall! The product is all three of these, in good measure.

In fact, if one were to even describe the Blodgett Pizza Oven in three words, it would be those I mentioned. And here is why. First of all, in terms of proven performance, with this product, there have been very few returns or back orders (even if there happens to be one in your case, you always get a warranty on a new purchase, so no problem at all) in the case of very few defective products on order. And this product itself, for the most part, offers great life - long durability and user satisfaction, going above and beyond in kind of a similar way to how the Duracell batteries been ‘marketed’ all these years. If you’ve seen any of the commercials, you will know what I am talking about.

And also, you got quick, effective service through the machine, letting it do most of the work; this makes for quality that you can count on, each and every time. Simply look at that delicious, finished pizza slice or pizza pie, and you will have peace of mind in this statement — it’s true.

Plus, the Blodgett Pizza Oven even won “Best in Class” for 2017, in terms of exceptional convention and deck ovens. It’s constructed like a fierce battleship, holded a fully - welded iron frame that’s angled and supports the product’s durability, not to even mention an add - a - section design that’s also been built in. This add - a - section design more specifically allows its users to start off as simply as can be, with just one oven, and then choose to add on any other sections (as their business grows, for instance). And when cooking with this type of gas oven, no electricity at all will ever be required, and this alone can help cut utility costs significantly for any home or business location.

Did you know that this oven also comes with counterbalanced doors to offer a greater operational ease, as well? And not only that, but this helps to significantly reduce operator fatigue and injury as well. Did you ever think of that? Well, these designers sure did as they are one step ahead of the ballpark!

Plus, you get a gentle air flow, for a more delicate baking cycle, all through natural convection offered here. This product is truly amazing. And in addition, its large cooking area can more easily help account for, not to mention accommodate, your bigger food items like entire roasts or any massive bread loafs you may have. If you have a larger family, and need to feed several mouths at a time, this can help a lot….plus, you save out on a larger “bill” from eating at your local restaurant. Get it all done at home.

You’ll like the next benefit so much you may just jump up and down as you read it : The Blodgett Oven also comes with simple and reliable controls, in addition to a very minimal repair cost. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, regardless of how much you should choose to use it. “Simple” is the key word here that has drawn many good consumers forward, and they’d agree that it is!

Furthermore, now we’ve basically covered the three selling points — the performance, the reliability, and the simplicity (though maybe not in that specific order). So what else is there to know about this product? Well, we’re glad you’ve stepped forward and asked! There’s lots more……

For instance, let’s talk about the multiple commercial kitchen needs that a product like this can meet….for your small or large food business. Whether you want to throw in a soft cookie, or an entire, hard bread loaf, into your Blodgett oven, you’ll find that it’s all doable. In particular, Blodgett’s ‘900 Series’ ovens offer four types of sections, all of which are gas - based. The first is the 951, which comes with a single 12” compartment made for high baking. The second is the 961, which does the very same but for a 7”.

Then, we have the 966, which engages a 16-1/4” compartment. And last but not least, there’s the 981, which’ll effectively do two 7” compartments. And notably, there’s also a 60” x 40” footprint in each of these sections, which could be stacked in any order or ‘combo’ you choose. How neat is that? Plus, each section’s separate heating controls also allows you to bake or roast your food at varied, alternating temperatures, so you truly get your every dollar for your purchase, respectively.

Blodgett also sells what it calls a couple of ‘compact models’, these being the 911 and the 901. The 911 also works with a single, 7” high - baking type of compartment whereas the 901 can do a single, 12” one. The 900 Compact Series deck ovens are made with no less amazing quality and overall construction that the larger Blodgett deck ovens are made with, all in all. And the two Compact series ovens also offer a 51” x 30” footprint, making for greater space saving as well.

Blodgett also offers combination models. There’s more than 7 types of these out there.

Get a Blodgett oven today. At least check one out when you have the space, money and time. It’ll enrich your life, especially if “pizza” is a major part of it. Your business or home life will be different.