How Do You Use A Garlic Skinner?

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

First of all let me start by clearing up what I sense to be just a small bit of possible confusion in the air, in regards to this question —- some of you may not have heard the term of “ garlic – skinner “ , all in all. And some of you have. Yet I would like to point out that it is the very same thing as a “ garlic – peeler “ , in case you may have been in wonderment about that. The two terms are equal to each other, pretty much. Some call it a “ garlic – skinner “ while others prefer to refer to it as a “ garlic – peeler “ , at the end of the day. Different name, but same item. Just note that.

A garlic – skinner or garlic – peeler is a machine that is made to handle loads of tons of garlic peels at once. It is pricy, but it is, for some businesses and even persons, in general, quite worth that cost. And if money is hard to come up with, then I recommend going with one like this : VBENLEM 110V Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine 200W 25KG/H Electric Stainless Steel Automatic Powerful for Household and Commercial Use Restaurants Barbecue Shops Canteen Hotels

It is only $ 139. And yes, I did say ONLY $ 139. Because when compared with other machines that’ll peel garlic perfectly, this one’s actually really stinkin’ cheap. And it still has the best for ratings. Many people have been pleased! No joke.

And of course, on the more expensive end, I have even seen $ 1,000 - $ 9,000 garlic – peelers / skinners. So keep that in mind, too. The more you buy, the more fancy settings and options you can get. Just remember that.

Now, then, to use this garlic – skinning machine, it is actually quite simple. Load your garlic on the hopper, and from there, onto your stainless – steel barrel ; you will then note, if you are a mechanical expert or a bit of a nerd, as I am, and like to note these things ( he he he heh heh ) that where the main rubber pad rotates around, along with its vertical shaft…. this is where you find the barrel. So if you see that, as I just described, on your garlic – skinner / garlic – peeler machine, then know you are at the right spot…. and your garlic should be moved onto there, to begin with.

Then from here, just watch and wait for the garlic to go through the belt ; and it will contact the rubber pad and its skin will get blown off. Easy. And once it’s done, it comes through the other side, ready and peeled. It is worth the money.