Bluetooth BBQ Thermometers

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Friends, 2020 has been no less than a crazy year, to put it lightly, but soon….and hopefully really, really soon, we will all be able to put that behind us. OR, if you’re reading this in hindsight, be glad : For you and your loved ones are now most likely able to use BBQ grills and patios and have as many people over as you want. Ah, the days come! I forecast the best as I write this….

And what better way to throw down some meat and veggies than through having some quality BBQ thermometers, bluetooth enabled, no less? I say there’s no better way to let the good times roll…rain, sun, snow or whatever else the weather may throw! Just do keep in mind that, based on the kind of model you go for and its price (cough cough, PAY ATTENTION TO THAT), you can generally expect to be getting a few slight connectivity or range issues (if less than 150 ft. is what it gives you) from time to time, which you should know is just perfectly normal. One thermometer that’s on the market and tends to handle this well, and one of my own personal favorites, to be quite honest, is the Weber iGrill 2, which works with both tablet and smartphone. It’s able to instantly tell you the temperature of your meat, at the very moment you check, as well as other great must - knows like the amount of time that slab has been cooking for. As true masters of the BBQ kitchen, we all must know these things, am I correct?

To further add to the value of its features and benefits, this product can also offer you up to 4 probes per single package (if you should choose to lay some money down on the slightly pricier “pro kit” version of it, of course, which I think is well worth what it’s asking for). It’s also crucial to keep in the back of your head one simple truth, and bring it to light when you need it — that a good in - class iPhone / smartphone app also makes all the difference when connecting to such a thermometer. Go for one with high ratings. And even before you shop for bluetooth BBQ thermometers, read the app reviews online to find an app that can connect with it well, which will also tell you (or at least throw some common names out there) some of the best - selling BBQ bluetooth thermometers. And believe me : There are so many more than the one I have listed, though the thermometer on the iGrill 2 is still, hands down, one of the best and the favorite choice for many Americans.

If the thermometer can measure between 22°F - 572°F, it’s ideal as well. Keep all this in mind. Good luck shopping for your right fit when it comes to a solid bluetooth BBQ thermometer! We believe you will choose wisely. There is no better time to look into online selections.