Pizza Oven Brush

There are 10 great pizza oven brushes ( among many others ) I want to share today : The first and my fave is the Cuisinart CCB – 339. It can’t brush off every sort of element. But for pizzas, I can attest it does not fail! And it accounts for ice chunks, oil spills, and other surrounding factors, as well. In other words, when you make a mess in your area after eating, it can do its best to brush and scrape away the residue or other components left behind. There’s also the Bristles 4004, and what I like about this is that it’s an industrial – strength one and really gets in there with the nitty gritty of messes left – over, too, and is a full 10 – inch brush. Lots of room for cleaning and scraping, and its handle is nice and gentle, easy for any kind of hand to get a grip on and hold as you move it up, down, or around.

Next would be the American Metalcraft 1689, which is even longer ( 60 whopping inches, he he he heh ) and can surely cover more territory, as its main advantage over the last one we saw. And close to it in length, and just 47 inches ( but of aluminum make ) , there is the SHANGPEIXUAN commercial pizza brush ( try saying that name 20 times in a row, bet you can’t, heh ) . And I also like, to add to this list, other commercial grill brushes made by them, too.

Next on the list, we have the one and only American Metalcraft 1597 this time around. I certainly like the 40 – inch handle and the aluminum – threaded tip, and it comes in a nice brown. Not bad at all. Next, there is the Malish BB – 36 ( interesting, catchy name, no? It does sound like the name of a machine gun or something, though ) . And this one is a nice 36 – incher ( like its name tells us ) and can be sold as a 2 – piece set, pretty cool. There is also the heavy – duty wire brush made by Thunder Group, which gets up to 27 inches and is all wood. A nice, wooden handle, base, grip, you get the picture…. it’s got a classic, old – school sort of look and feel that you can not refuse.

Three more, guys : The Carlisle 4577200 ( a nicely – designed, steel bristle one made to go 39 inches max ) , The Braun Brush 51 – incher ( Giant Revolving Deck Brush, as some prefer calling it by ), and The Crestware, a quality made, 40 – inch brush. The Giant Revolving one I briefly mentioned bears much pride in its making and manufacturing since it is mostly U.S. - based. So buy one to show some support in keeping our economy local and strong. And its bristles are made in Tampico. How cool, I say!