Best Garlic Peeling Machines

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Do you enjoy not doing the tedious work yourself when it comes to garlic – peeling? Then you are in luck as a whole bunch of choices are on sale. You can pick one or more of these ones I am about to present. Check it out…. So first of all, let me be the very first to introduce the VBENLEM 110V Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine. It is one of my personal faves when it comes to garlic – peeling machines of excellence. Let me tell you all I can, starting with this : it can do 25 KG per hour, which is a solid speed when it comes to peeling garlic. And it only uses 200 W, which when compared with energy usage in others, is quite a good way to go!

And get this as well —- it is only 18 lbs, in weight. So not a heavy kind of sucker at all. Heck, a middle – weight man with some strength in both arms could lift it with not too much effort, so that should tell ya’ something ( especially if you like to re – decorate and move appliances or products in your home around, from time to time…. no dolly needed for moving and lifting this one, he he heh heh, and you could do it in seconds ) . A lot of other pricy garlic – peelers are more heavy, in general, which makes them hard to move around often ( like, for instance, when you own a business and need to switch locations or buildings as you move your products around…. such a pain to lift heavy merch and re – locate it all the time, but not with this model of garlic – peeler / skinner ) .

And did you also know this? It’s automatic, using electric power. How cool’s that? Another top pick I favor very much is the MTPLUM Electric Garlic Peeler. It uses even less energy, which is always a plus, for me ( just 180 W or less, no kidding ) . And it has the same “ peeling speed “ , too, no less. It has got one of the most stable rubber bases of all time, and when you compare it to the others around, you will see it for yourself ( it’s at the very bottom, you will be able to notice ) .

Also, if you can, check out the JIAWANSHUN 25kg/h Commercial Garlic Peeling Machine. It is ALSO a great automatic, electrically – powered machine that can work at that very same “ peeling speed “ . And it’s a favorite of so many! It’s one of the first ones to show up on Google Images when you do searches….

And get this —- both its inlet and its outlet are removable. Not bad. Thumbs up!