Fondue Pot Electric vs Sterno

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Should you cook with a sterno burner or with an electric fondue? That is the question that’s burning, right now, friend, all puns intended. Don’t stop until you’ve read all of this….it’s good information that’s about to hit you at a million miles per hour! Well, maybe not that fast, but you are about to learn a few things you likely didn’t know, so buckle down, amigo….

It all depends on what you want to do, in the kitchen, and that is my first thought you should make your own — for instance, if your goal is to make a delicious broth (and throw in some chopped meats with vegetables, while you are at it, and I certainly do hope that I am not now making you hungry, he he heh), then a deep electric fondue should be your cup of tea (or should I say soup?). More so, go with one that has a rack on it, which, in the opinions of thousands of users, certainly makes the experience a whole lot better.

Not only that, but you will want to give ear to the fondue electric since it usually has variable temperature controls though the sterno also has an advantage as it lets you use canned heat, making things hotter faster. IF you are going to go with the sterno option, though, make sure that you’re going with something water - soluble and as least toxic as you can get (labeled ‘non - toxic’ products being best). If it’s all got a patented label, with smart tech telling you when not to touch the can, for instance, (because it’s too hot, etc) then that would be even better. My own opinion.

Just pop it under the burner and you’re good to go. People usually use this option when at public banquets or ordering fancy catering for a large group as it tends to be a lot easier and more convenient to set - up and also keep the food warm for a bit longer. Also, for sterno, if you get a single burner folding stove, you’re in even better shape. Something corrosion resistant and durable would be best, making sure you account for the product dimensions (which ought to be listed on the label somewhere) before putting it into your room for cooking.

Some also prefer sterno with an enameled cast iron. Why is this? Well, it’s simply because you can easily just cook the food right there in the pot…keep in mind that it’s like a regular pot. For sauteing shallots, or such, with this method, it could not be easier at all. And if you don’t have too many outlets nearby, or don’t like using too many annoying cords while cooking different things, this is also the ideal solution. With all that being said, if you still want to stick with the fondue pot and even heat candles or scented items (as some do offer a special feature just for this, believe it or not), then do so.