Fried Ice Cream

Author : Efrain S

Fried ice cream, my good reader friend, is one of the most delightful things your lips can ever taste in this life time —- it is, as many call it, one of God’s good reminders to man that there are still good and pleasant things in this life. And it is a living reminder that you are alive, dear friend, and that life is good. If you want an earthly pleasure above many other pleasures, while you breathe, still, then try fried ice cream as I have many times…. you will not go wrong. I have had the chance to try fried ice cream at many types of dine – in spots like Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, Ruby Tuesday, Outdoor Steakhouse, Trail Dust and many other places. I, for one, really liked the fried ice cream that C.B. and Potts makes in my area, not to mention the options sold at P.G. Chang’s, in addition to Chili’s. I love the way these restaurants make their fried ice cream and they can sell it for so cheap, just under $5 usually. There is another place I like to eat it for dessert, as well, and that is a little dine – in spot known as Zen’s ( you may have heard of it as it is a natural Chinese food chain that, yes, so happens to serve organic fried ice cream in literally any flavor, even healthy Asian green tea….. some of the healthiest ice cream my heart has ever feasted on, to be clear ) .

Fried ice cream, just like the name will not hide, is literally ice cream that has been fried —- it can be in a microwave, for a few seconds, or even in a mini – oven or lightly in a pan. It is usually served alongside some sort of cake or other sweet, on a small plate, as a nice little meal ‘after - taste’ to cleanse your palate, so to speak…. after all, what is a great meal without a little dessert afterwards, right? Fried ice cream is served in countless cafes, buffets and restaurants with that very goal in mind…. as a delicious, final touch to your meal, and if you have a sweet tooth, then it’s a match made in heaven. It is perfect for those of us who live for dessert!

I will add this : If you have not been to Cracker Barrel yet for its fried ice cream, then you, my friend, have been truly deprived of some of this life’s best joys…. how can your poor taste buds ever live, without having tasted such a pleasure? That is a true mystery, ha hah. Here at this place, they serve it with Coca – Cola cake, when it’s on the menu and in season ( as the accompanying cake or pie is often changed up, as is the menu, which I love about this place, always mixing it up, he he he heh ) .