Emery Thompson Ice Cream Machine

Author : Efrain S.

Emery Thompson is the BOMB ( in a good way, of course ) when it comes to ice cream machine products ; they know how to make it, they know how to promote it, and they sure know how to maintain it, true experts in ice cream machines. And their main site, if you ever get a chance to check it out sometime ( right at https://www.emerythompson.com/ ) even boasts of a large store of online videos, products you can review and order, manuals, chat options, tips for the ice cream consumer or business owner, testimonials, helpful ideas or suggestions for maintaining your machine, live recipes, free DVDs and tons of other content you ought to look into…. it is worth checking out. They do NOT sell the machines used also, if you are in hopes of saving some money in time of crisis….other places online sell them used but well checked and ensured that they work properly, of course, as it should always be. These people at Emery Thompson, however, do not endorse used machines and are serious about being in good standing in their community, as such. They state their ice cream machine is intended to be bought and used as new.

The dashers on these machines, by the way, are of serious stainless steel and will show it in a heartbeat ; they mean business. And not only that, but the drive components and the front doors are made so as well. Stainless steel is what’s in style and of durable use these days, and for many more products than just ice cream machines, too….that is the way to go, folks. Stainless steel rules.

And if you get it to work with single – phase capacity, as some have mentioned doing on certain sites, then you can use the ice cream machine anywhere in the USA. It’ll run all throughout America. However, if you go for something more like 3 – phase, it can only run itself at certain 3 – phase locations intended to work with it, so keep that well in mind, folks. Keep in mind as well that phase converters can not and will not actually work with this type of ice cream machine, more specifically, due to the gigantic types of motors it is known to use, all in all…. not to even mention that the motor’s load, overall, also tends to rise as ice cream is made and brought forth from the machine. All this is to think about.

So this type of batch freezer machine will not work best under such situations or scenarios —- just keep that in the back of your mind. Take it to heart. And remember it. More knowledge is power.

Many ‘fakes’ of this type of product, as the seller notes and announces publicly, just recently, are being sold on eBay. Beware, buyer. If in doubt, figure it out ( or ask the actual Emery Thompson site experts for further clarification before proceeding ) .