Rice Cooker How To Cook Brown Rice

Author: Efrain Silva


You remember when people used to say that ( or maybe they still do? Heck, I never can recall hearing it, though ) ? WORD! Ha. I said it again. There is power in the expression, and it means, basically, as I remember, ‘truth’ or ‘something awesome’, which is what you, my friend of friends ( best virtual buddy, even, just for coming to this site and reading away ) are about to get. So read through what I am about to tell you on brown rice.

I know you will like what you read….and no, I don’t know because I’m psychic or anything like that ( though that would be so cool, would it not? I could start my own TV show and explode in ratings, maybe even knocking Oprah off the top charts in views, he he he heh ) . I just know because I know. Call it a gift, if you will. Not a single person in my life has ever told me that I can not manage to keep their attention with whatever I talk or write about. I think I was born to be a writer…it does run in my family blood, anyways. I’ve got cousins and a grandfather who are authors of many publications — so I guess the apple does not really drop all that far from its tree, you could say. But enough about me.

Knowledge makes you more brainy ( or is smart the technical word? He heh….you know what I mean . ) . So let’s get you some knowledge on making brown rice in your cooker, first off telling you that you should NOT over – fill your cooker. Fill it up with brown rice up to about half of its max capacity, or if you want, 2 / 3 but no more. Let there be some room for steam release, up top.

You can add half a tblspn of salt, as well as one of olive oil or butter, your pick, before dumping in the rice. Fill the water with as many cups as you did rice. Measure this all in cups as that is the easiest way to do it. Find the setting in your rice cooker ( and most of them should have it ) for “brown rice”. Close carefully that cooker lid after the pot is in it, and then press down on that setting for brown rice, and done.

SO, I hope this read has enlightened your heart and brought some needed light to your knowledge bucket, as one of my crazy old middle - school teachers used to say in every one of her classes ( and I am probably even crazier just for still remembering that, after all these years, he he he heh ) . A good blog is even better when it’s shared. That way, more people can talk about how it helped them learn something. So if you would be so kind….