Bun Rieu Saigon Vietnam

Author : Efrain S.

Bun rieu all the way, baby! That’s what’s cookin ( and quite literally, I might add ) in Vietnam these days. Want Viet cuisine at its very finest? Then check out these crab noodles when you can…any local pho restaurant or even grocery store can get them to you, and you can even order from sites like Amazon’s. What better way to actually feel like you are in the very heart of Asia than by trying some great bun rieu?

You can get a great noodle soup made from this if you ever happen to wander out as far as Saigon ( which I would highly recommend, of course, once the travel bans to the area are lifted and COVID – 19 global lock downs have ended ) . This great soup noodle dish, as I mentioned entirely crab – based, is filled with a whole bunch of great surprises in terms of condiments used when making it….condiments such as lime, chili, and yes, even shrimp paste, to name a few top contenders ( can you hear your stomach rumbling at the very thought of this? I know mine already started churning two hours ago! He he heh… ) .

Meat paste, crab paste, organic broth, these are but a few of the major fine ingredients used to prepare this awesome soup dish —- and it gets even better —- it also includes fresh vegetables that can either be steamed in the making or can be thrown in once already steamed ( up to the chef and how he prefers to do it, he heh ) . These usually will include chopped – up carrots or carrot sticks, peas, green beans, potato cuts, and any other veggies you might like to have in there, by special order. And when things get cookin in that hot pot, you can really start to smell a true taste of heavenly glory…ah, the smell of original Asian cuisine like no else ( it’s like I’m actually in Vietnam or Japan, ha hah ) …..

Bun rieu cau is the more crab – like version of this meal that actually includes some pork ( which has been properly and perfectly stewed before – hand, not to mention ) in the form of hunks, some blood jelly, sea food ( crab, usually, of course, but can also include some shellfish, snails, or even shrimp roe ) and has a more darkish - reddish look, all in all. But it’s no less delicious than the traditional, more plain bun rieu itself, and an equally savory treat to your stomach. It’s a light meal that anyone can enjoy.

This dish – soup, by the way, is often served with sauce, which is usually made from tamarind ( fresh and picked right off the tree many times, yum ) . All in all, you should give it a shot. You might like this meal much and return for more. Why not tell some friends, too?