Commercial Hamburger Patty Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Question : When the word Patty first comes across you, say, you hear it shouted out, what first comes into your mind? Do you think of a lovely, hot girl on a beach wearing a sun - strapped bikini and soaking in all she can, waiting for that nice guy like yourself to rub her lotion all over her back and hang out further (wink wink)? Do you picture, instead, your grandma, whose name happens to be Patty? Or, are you like me, and you picture something else entirely? What do I picture? That is the question you are now ache - ing to know…..

I, like a true burger lover and obsessed burger - eating maniac (who eats at least 15 burgers a month and is not ashamed to show his true colors), think of no other ‘patty’ than A BURGER PATTY! Of course. I forget that patty is also a female name, but to heck with that….I want my patty, when I hear the word patty, and I want it now (no, not my wife, whose name is actually Vanessa and not Patty, though she has thought I meant someone else, until I explained everything, he he heh). My wife knows how much I live for a good burger patty, and more than that, for a good burger patty maker / shaper like a commercial patty press. See? You knew where I was getting with all this…..

And now that I have brought it up, and made you hungry to think about it, let me mention that I really, really, really adore the Garde HDHP 12, since we’re bringing up names. It is, by far, my wife Vanessa, if she took the form of a patty press. That’s how much I LOVE and have the hots for this product, he heh. Now, why am I so obsessed with it, you might ask, and will my obsession ever stop on a dry, dead end? To answer that second question, the answer is likely no.

But to answer the first, let me tell you that the babies this lovely bride can make for you are none other than 5 - inch diameter half - pounders. And it’s easy —- oh, so easy — to use. Just press and release! That nice, semi - soft silver lever with its black, rubber handle gets the job done. When you want each of your babies (burger patties) to be consistently portioned out, this product will make sure your wish becomes its command. (After all, it knows it doesn’t want a divorce, which means you tossing it out in the dumpster and ending all terms, so it’ll do its best to stay faithful). Did you know that the holder is — guess what — detach - able? Yes, sir (or mame), it’ll easily hold in perfect place that patty paper of your choosing. Wax, parchment, etc., it keeps things nice and orderly in your process of things, all in all.

So if you make lots of burgers, this is for you. You have a burger business? Or you just LOVE burgers? Give it a go.