How to Make Stargazy Pie

Author : Efrain Silva

Ever heard of that delicious, mouth - watering pie by the name of stargazy? Yes, I am sure that, like all of us living in this great country, you most likely have. It is something we can all sit down to at the dinner table and feast our eyes (not to mention our appetites) on. Now, in this blog read, let me tell you just a bit about how you can put together some of this delicious pie for yourself and your loved ones all from the comfort of home (and given the circumstances, with COVID and all, as I write this, I’m sure you’ve been scouring the internet for every single juicy little bit of info you can get as to recipes and such….so you are in the right place, amigo.).

Get a nice pie dish. 23 cm is good. You can go bigger or smaller, depending on the need. Make sure it has a nice base with it.

Now, first (and I do say first, mind you), you have to run to the store (or even a neighbor’s) and pick up some crunchy, delicious - looking breadcrumbs, raw, ideally. With these, we begin the process! Soak them in (yes, you know it) milk. Milk is good for this as the first step — to some, the very notion of this is off - putting, but milk is the way to go.

Now, after that, throw in some rind, in addition to some —- wait for it —- LEMON JUICE. I kid you not. Lemon juice.

Then, what you are going to want to do is to mix in some seasonings as well as chopped onion bits, not to mention a few good ol’ leaves of parsley. If you’re using fish, of course, stuff it good with this. The way you choose to arrange the fish is entirely up to you ; however, many have found that an ideal way to go is to make the fish heads stick straight up, in other words, facing that outer edge of the round dish.

Chopped eggs, and apple cider, by the way, can also go a long way. Throw in the eggs last and mix things up, then pour in the cider (but be careful not to pour in too much unless your family enjoys a more soury, acidic taste with their pie). Roll out your pastry ; make sure it aligns right in with the dish’s top area and trimmings, here, can also be your best friend (as they can serve to create you a nice pastry rim, if you’re up for it).

Get your pastry above your pie, planted there right on top, nicely. See the heads up top, still? Make some slits right there. Now is a good time for that step.

Also, make sure your edges are pressed against each other, nice and firmly. You can brush that top if you choose, trimming things out as well. Poke a couple holes in the middle (to let steam actually escape) and bake about 45 minutes on 370 F.