What if I Want to Make a Smoothie in The Morning but Everyone Else Is Sleeping?

Author : Efrain Silva

Hey friends! You’ve read the title to this article and surely thought to yourselves, “This can’t be possible. A QUIET smoothie blending experience? And in the morning?” Well, let me tell you it can be done, and we’re going to talk all about it, so keep reading….

The solution I would like to present to you here is none other than what many of you likely did not know existed — getting a quiet blender. Yes, they do exist. One I personally like to use, which offers all its value for its cost, is the one and only Blendtec Professional 800 Blender. There are several others out there, but I like this one, in particular, mainly because it offers its own sound enclose ensealment, meaning its been made to seal off all sound and keep things quiet, even when you’re on “High Blend Mode” or something similar.

This blender is the top in its class and sells much. Some call it the top quiet blender for any home. You can also check out the Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender, if your budget stands under $200, or even the Breville Fresh & Furious Blender. Those are my other two top favorites when it comes to quiet blenders.

What I like about quiet blenders is the fact that, for the most part, you will find that such quieter performance can largely be attributed to an overall optimized motor design and an optimized blade. Think of the silencer on a Walter PPK, like what James Bond uses, and you’ll get the idea. If even secret agent guns can be silenced, and sound quieter than a mouse when in action, then know that blenders can be as well.

These special quiet blenders are designed to even take on the loudest tasks and not make a tad of noise, tasks such as ice crushing (one of the loudest things you can do when using a traditional blender, as we as all know well). They carry multiple pre - programmed speeds and cycles, too, depending on which one you go for. Remember that, if you want all the perks and bonuses, you’re going to have to spend more money and invest in a fancy quiet blender, but it is well worth it as these can often offer you life - time value (you clean and maintain them well, and they can last you for several decades, even into your grandkids’ generations, respectively).

Another solution I’d like to present to you is one called ‘prepping’, which actually involves you making the ingredients and even blending the product ahead of time. Then you just freeze it overnight ; many have done this and saved themselves the pain of knowing they’re waking someone up in the home. And then, when the morning comes, and you want to enjoy that drink, just thaw it out and drink.