Ice Cream Roll Machine

Author : Efrain S.

If you want to make fried ice cream, rolled ice cream, or even just basic ice cream in balls or rolls, then you, pal, need an ice cream roll machine…. it does the work and makes each roll just right size – wise and weight – wise as you need it to be. Your ice cream will look and taste like perfection, and that is me understating it, once more….it will be soooo good that there are not enough words to describe it. Try getting one. But which one should you look for? Ah, good question, it means you are curious to at least consider getting one, which is a great point to start at…..I was once curious too, and I acted on such curiosity…..

Now, to answer your question, I’ll pick a fancy one that I really, really like and that my friend has actually invited me over to his home to eat ice cream from. He has made his own ice cream, in rolls, through this machine right here: Thai fried Ice cream roll maker making machine for fruit, ice, milk, yogurt with control panel (110V): Kitchen & Dining

It costs $2,000, yes, but what’s a good thing without a little investment? All great worth – while endeavors in life cost money, as my dad used to say, and you get everything you pay for. This one runs off of 1500 watts of power, which is like super freaking awesome and it is also decently energy – efficient, so it won’t take up too much of your time or energy bill, he he he heh.

Still tuned in? Excited to learn more about it? Well, you can also get a 220 V, as opposed to the typical, basic 100 V, version….. and guess what? It costs the same! The same $2,000 investment, that is. So while you are at it, why not do 220 V, eh? You can also throw in milk, fruit, ice, yogurt….basically any kind of ice cream rolls you want, from these, you can have made in this machine. But that’s just one product I like. If you want even more ideas to make your head wildly spin ( but don’t get dizzy and throw up , he he heh ) , then check out here : Rolled Ice Cream Machines, Ingredients & Supplies – Roll Ice Cream.

These machines often come with their own scrapers, by the way, though some may not. This overall helps. Why? Because it helps you scoop and scrape up once it’s finished. And some also include add – ons or catalogs for you to browse from, and then purchase additional tools or components for your machine. Just look around Amazon, spend time browsing your Walmart, and all in all, ask every question that you can, to see if or which ice cream roll machine you might like. Heck, maybe 2 or 3 different ones catch your eye. Take your time and have fun with it! Shop away.