How does McDonald’s Make Their Burgers?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Highly - processed, overly greasy, extremely obesity - inducing foods are what this chain brand is known for and has been for many years. And while the meat patties themselves are original and come from a true source of ground beef, the fact of the matter is that (and the franchise will never tell you this as its very employees are under obligation not to talk about this much, even if directly asked, but rather to refer people to their main website, which gives a brief spiel full of very basic information and nothing truly detailed on the process, a way to carefully conceal the real matter behind it all…that it makes very little efforts, as a brand / business, to conserve our health but cares only about sales). “100 % fresh beef” is a constant phrase or term you will hear thrown around all the time, with its ads, with its site marketing, even with its commercials. But the truth is this — all beef is 100 % fresh at the time it is taken, though, as we know, different forms of beef are processed differently…some with the end goal of being truly organic and non - GMO / grain - fed or grass - fed, etc….and others not so much so.

Plus, the very term “100 % beef” tells me absolutely nothing. I mean, beef is beef. If it’s organic or if it’s highly processed, it’s still beef (and it can still be “fresh”….what does the word “fresh”, in this sense, even mean?). The brand claims its burgers are free of fillers but does not imply which ones, as it also claims there are no additives in its patties (but in its sauces, which come in the burgers, as well as its veggies, not so much, as these come with other ingredients that came with the original cheap produce and sauces they imported…but again, they will not tell you this, and some of their own employees are not even aware of it ; that is how far the deceptive marketing really runs here).

They take cheap ground beef, which they can easily order tons and tons of at no major cost, through bulk importing and other methods, and then form their patties from that same beef. Then, they freeze them up in containers as fast as they can, keeping the patties preserved (even for months on end, in some cases, given that they may have too much supply to unbox at any particular moment). Then they throw in some salt and pepper (sometimes too much salt), throw the patties right on the grill, and then cook for a couple quick minutes at high heat, before then slapping a tomato, some lettuce, sauces and buns on the whole thing. Then, a burger is formed.

White bread, highly processed and toxic, is what’s used for the buns. No surprise. And the sauces — mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, honey mustard, etc. — are also loaded with high - fructose corn syrup and MSG. Easy McDonald’s Happy Meal for under $5 for me? No thanks. I’ll pass…..