How to Cook Potstickers in an Air Fryer

Author : Efrain Silva

Air fryer potstickers are only one of the tastiest treats in the world, to many of us, a perfect late afternoon appetizer or even full - sized meal, depending on the hunger and number of people ready to eat it. When you fry it in an air fryer, as opposed to baking it all in a basic pan or pot, it can taste so much better and even feel richer and more organic. There is just something about doing it this way that makes it feel all the more better, and you should try it to know what we mean.

Now, the first thing is first, of course —- one thing you will want to know is that you do not need too much time to get the process of cooking your potstickers in the air fryer rolling. In fact, if you really sit down and count your watch, you will quickly notice that it takes a lot more time to make this snack the old - school way, in the pot or pan, than it does in a simple modern air fryer. So you are saving time, and you are saving effort, as well, which you can then apply to other tasks you have pending. Don’t they say, by the way, that time is money?

Save time. You’ll save money. That’s the point here, even if you have to invest in, at first, getting an air fryer. It’ll be worth it as this item can cut down the time to make to just 11 minutes (no, that is not a typo….11 minutes, you read it right!).

Thaw out some frozen potstickers and leave them in a bowl. Once they’re at about room temperature, drizzle some yummy olive oil right over them, but not too much. Brush some on the air fryer’s basket as well. Trust me.

Then, throw in those potstickers. You can overcrowd them a bit. It’s fine, in this instance. Turn the fryer on to 350 F for only the first five minutes, and then after that, open it up and flip them over (optional step). Then, cook for another five minutes the same way, and I forgot to mention that you need to aggressively shake that basket or racket (at least for the first five minute) as things cook. After those first 10 minutes, have a look inside and see if things are all crispy as you imagined when you dreamed about making air fryer potstickers last night, in your greatest kitchen fantasies.

You can feel no shame in cooking for an extra 2 - 3 minutes, in the same way, if you are going for that extra, extra crispy feel. What can I say? Some of us do like it a little more crispy than others, and it is all a matter of simple preference. Try to not go too much over the 13 minute mark, but in the worst case scenario, 15 - 16 minutes is fine.

Yet like I said, try to avoid doing that. I hope this blog on air fryer potsticker cooking has helped you. Thanks!