Electric Crepe Maker - Chefman

Don’t we all agree that breakfast determines the mood of the day? Imagine that you take a bite of the spongy, fluffy pancakes or blintzes, and the tangling taste of it blows your mind. Isn’t is what a perfect morning sounds like?

But, can you imagine burnt or dried crepes on your plate and you are struggling to take a bite from it? That can happen in case you are not using an efficient crepe maker.

Thanks to machines like Chefman Electric Crepe Maker, they have made it easier for us to cook perfect crepes to make our morning experiences ideal.

As you already know, all the machines and appliances we use come with both pros and cons, this particular crepe maker is not exceptional. But first, let’s focus on what it has to present to you.

Features of Chefman Electric Crepe Maker:

Large cooking plate:

You don’t want your pancake to be finished in just one bite, do you? A considerable size of the crepe can make your morning blissful. To accomplish the task of cooking perfect-sized crepes, you must pick this machine. It provides you with a 12-inch cooking plate for the proper crepe shape.

Moreover, the company Chefman provides you a wooden spatula and a batter spreader for even distribution of the crepe or pancake mix.

Easy to operate:

The device comes with a pretty straightforward operation method. It has a ready and power indicator light for your safety. The light turns on when the pan is boiling hot. So, you can easily understand that you should avoid touching the plate. Also, it has smart temperature control technology. You can control the temperature of the plate by a knob attached to the crepe maker. Just be a little careful while cooking, unless you want to burn your crepe!

Convenient and easy cleaning:

We all feel bored and tired when it comes to cleaning. But without maintenance and cleaning, no appliance can give you a satisfactory result if you do not consider cleaning it. And to be very honest, most of the crepe makers in the market come with a troublesome cleaning schedule.

Thankfully, that is not a problem for this specific machine. It comes with a non-stick cooking plate that makes your cooking experience non-messy. The crepe mix does not stick to the plate. Hence, you get a neat and clean machine.

Five problems, one solution:

You might be surprised seeing the point, aren’t you? Well, the Chefman Electric Crepe Maker does that job. You can make bacon, scrambled eggs, crepes, pancakes, tortillas, and many other items if you want. So, you see, versatility plays an important role here.


Build quality is the one qualifier that determines the life of each and every device we use. And this particular crepe maker from Chefman does not compromise with the build quality. You will indeed be fascinated with its durable performance.

Moreover, it offers you an operation at 120 volts. That means that you can expect it to be very efficient while cooking.

Compact design:

Sometimes, you find yourself confused about where to keep the kitchen appliances. Due to the bulky weight and enormous size, keeping them is quite a hectic job.

But guess what? You are good to go with the Chefman Electric Crepe Maker. It is unbelievably compact in design and weighs just 2.6 pounds. So, you can understand that this machine is pretty easy to keep.


Key features:



Buyer’s guide

I guess you now have a firm knowledge about crepe makers. But, let us know a little more about the aspects that you should focus on before buying one.

The cooking plate size matters a lot. If you do not have a cooking plate big enough, you will not get your desired crepes in a perfect shape.

Make sure your crepe maker is safe enough to use.

I would recommend buying one that has a temperature control system. You can control the optimal temperature of the device and cook your lovely dishes.

You may choose between gas-operated ones and electric ones. Both are efficient in their own ways. However, I would recommend buying an electric crepe maker because it is portable and easy to use.


What can you cook on a crepe maker?

A crepe maker is exceptionally versatile. You can cook many types of dishes with it. The list includes regular crepes, pancakes, tortillas, bacon, fried vegetables, grilled sandwiches, and many other items that require a frying pan.

Why are my crepes crispy?

This is a common problem for people new to the crepe world. Well, the reason behind the problem is the overheated cooking plate. If you do not keep your plate temperature-controlled, you might make your crepes equivalent to chips. Consider heating the plates for a little while and then putting the batter in.

Are crepes healthy?

We all need blood sugar for the proper functioning of our bodies. Since crepes contain a small amount of sugar, they can be helpful for your body. But, overeating sugar leads to several health issues. So, consider eating less sugar in crepes. And you are good to go.

Final words

With all the points mentioned earlier, you have already made a decision. But, here I am with my personal review. I found this machine to be very efficient. It does its job pretty well. Now, there is one slight disadvantage of the device that it does not provide you fast heating. But, if you can negotiate with the issue, this can be an optimal pick for you.