Meat Slicer That Cuts Through Bone

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Ideally, you want to go for a bone saw, when it comes to being able to cut through bone…and we know all animals may or may not have thick bones, especially the meatier, larger ones, and it — yes, I know — be more convenient to be able to slice their meat all at once without stopping at the bone. However, some are still not satisfied with this response and that is why some brand manufacturers have come out with stunning products that promise to slice right through bones as you cut through meat, all at the same time ; one such product I am talking about, in a pool of several others seen online, is this one.

First of all, check out the scoop on it — the most important thing about it, or one of the most important things, I should say, is that its saw blade’s .02 ” thick. Now we’re talking.

You also get a full, rich length here to spread things out —- 78.7 “. Don’t be uncomfortable as you slice through a whole messy bunch of meat and bone. Even if the meat, in this case, happens to be frozen at the time you put it through this killer machine, it’ll still get cut through nicely, ice shards and all. (But ideally, of course, try to have it, to some degree, thawed out and easier to slab for cutting).

We’re talking about a solid - steel - composed saw blade here and not just the average Joe saw blade, but one made to endure and cut! And a product like this one, by the way, is also soooo easy to clean after the mess is made since it’s motor is actually compartmentalized differently. Its motor is in a different compartment and does not touch the blades or other parts of the product or even come close upon impact — now that’s having all consumer needs in mind. The people behind a product like this one really hatched all their eggs in one awesome basket, you can tell, before releasing those hatchlings into the wild…as I like to say. In other words, they carefully thought of everything, and then they released their product.

You can also try a Giantex or Chef’s Choice, one of the pricier ones they offer, to see if people have noted being able to cut bone. In most cases, they can’t, but some of their stronger, sharper - bladed ones just might be able to do the trick. It is worth a look.

If you opt for a commercial - grade meat slicer, you will have to pay a bit more money as there is no small price on these…but it is worth it if you want to get to cutting bone. My other tip, on this note, is to go to Cabella’s, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Warehouse or a place like that just to get one of these. Some are designed for wood survival and can sharply cut through that bone.