Best Pizza Peel ( Spatula )

Author : Efrain S.

The BEST is the one OUII makes : Check out their whole brand and Amazon sub – store sometime, it will blow your mind to know of all they offer and make to sell…..

Now the reason this one is the best, not to mention one of the top Amazon Picks, making “Amazon’s Choice” many times over, is that it is full and complete, in every sense. It includes all that you can need or think to need. First of all, with it comes a quality manual and guide, not to mention countless other online user resources you can tap into at any time ( as well as register this product through them to get a nice little surprise bonus ) . Every part and component on it is ever – so carefully labeled and designed, with the user’s comfort and time in mind….you can get work done and fast, on it. It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to assemble or dis – assemble, if needed. And it is light and sturdy all at the same time, as well. It truly bears the mark of excellence in so many ways that I could more than likely come up with a whole book on it…. yes, that is how much I approve, he heh.

And it works great, even if you are worried about pizza dough sticking to it later ( as so many of us have been before…. I am sure you know the feeling, ha hah ) as you can easily coat and shake that peel often as a means to avoid this. No sticking here. You can use semolina, corn flour, other types of dough, as well…. so see all the options for yourself. This item can handle multiple kinds.

And did I MENTION that the wood handle it comes with is so very nice to grasp, easy to move around, light and overall, attractive? It is very visually appealing, and you can, when you look more closely, notice that there was an elegant design carved into the wood itself, which was ever – so carefully crafted and put forward by a true wood – smith. And that crafty carving is no less than the OUII brand name itself, of course! AS FOR THE SWIVEL ITSELF, you can easily adjust it and lock it, or loosen it to move it around. It is so darn flexible, and that is an understatement. Flexibility is its own middle name, folks.

It’s also a firm and durable one, to add, which can even hold on it the heaviest of pizza doughs or pies altogether. You can extend it up to nearly 30 inches ( right around 25, to be more precise ) . And believe me…. it can hold the weight of those meatier, 14 – inch, triple cheese pizzas ( yum…. I am getting hungry already, so it may be time to go make some pizza, he he he heh ) .