Rice Cooker How To Bake Cake

Author: Efrain Silva

In this very quick blog posting, I want to capture some of the key thoughts ( or at the very least, key thoughts as I see them, he he heh ) in regards to what you knew was coming, what you could sense was there, on its way to your mind….the moment you have long been waiting for, or, at least, I can hope so. We are about to get into a topic so deep, so intriguing, so unique, it may make you wet your pants with excitement — but seriously, it is all that good, and without holding you back from knowing what it could be for one second longer, let’s get into it…..

We are going to talk about, the one, the only, the rice cooker. Yes, this was the topic I hope you knew was coming. You wanted to know more about it, like the knowledge sponge that you have always been prone to being ( and who could ever blame you for that, am I right? ) . I would like to blow your mind with some knowledge and juicy insight on it so fascinating, so intriguing, and well, you know the rest….so fun. So hang on. I hope you’re buckled in by now.

The first thing you might want to notice is the slight fact that this method will save you more energy than with a regular stove top.

And it’s easy and fun! Get some cake mix, oil, eggs and of course a little water. You can also add in whipped cream or berries, as a side topping, if you want to…but no pressure. Break the 3 eggs ( or more ) into a bowl, with the other stuff I mentioned, and mix with a mixer. Put it into the cooker carefully ( if it’s got a ‘cake mode’ as some rice cookers do, just press the button to initiate it ) . If not, do a 30 – minute white rice session. That should be plenty. Once done, touch it to test its soft firmness. Cake ready!

And so, I guess we learn something new every day. And yes, I mean we. Because I learned this too just shortly, just after looking up info on the topic to share with you guys, he he heh. Call me a cheater, or whatever you like, but at least I’m an honest one. I did not know too much on this except for a few bits of info here and there. But now I’m learning along with you —- I guess that is the best way to learn, after all, learning as you go along and share the insight with others. You guys are like my blog family after all, and I do not even know where I would be without all of you ; even those of you whom I may not even be aware of ( who have landed on this blog and other ones I’ve done here, he he heh ) . Thank you.