How To Scoop Apples With A Melon Baller

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

You try to scoop with a melon – baller, your melon, for instance ; yet a piece catches off the board or snaps to the side. Ever had that happen? Or maybe with another fruit, perhaps? Well, to give you a mental break from such a traumatic experience, he he he heh ( made ya laugh, did I not? ) , I am going to instead share, today, how you can, on your very own ( once you have been de – traumatized, he he he heh, LoL ) , scoop up some APPLES using that basic melon – baller. How does that sound, folks? Want to keep reading? Please, please do! Some great stuff to cover here today….

So first of all, what you need to note is the plain fact that what we are talking about here is basically something that is known as apple coring ( or just coring, in short ) . Now, there is a great way that you can do this, in case you were not sure if it was possible. I will now show you how. So start with first taking out the top stem of the apple ; it is just a bit easier when you pull that off and not have it get in the way as you try to core. Then the next thing that you are going to simply do, my friend ( and I’m sure you see it coming, he heh ) is to get a nice, big cutting knife ( if you don’t have one, and one that makes cutting so much easier, all in all ) and cut right down the center, cutting that apple into two separate pieces. And what you are also doing, when you do so, is this — you are exposing the core, not just the basic flesh that is on the inside.

Now that that part’s out of the way, next comes the following : You are going to need to then pull the core. You do not need it. So why not get rid of it, am I right? I know I’m right, he heh.

Now, the way that you are going to do this is in the next step —- by using that melon – baller, of course. Use the larger side of it, all in all, to get this step done. It is, most cases, very sharp ; so be sure to be careful when you use it. Aim for the core, and scoop in a nice, rounded sort of motion, not missing any part of the central core while also avoiding scooping out too much of the actual flesh of the apple. Be precise, take your time, and be as accurate as possible! Then, scoop the flesh off the same way, avoiding the outer flesh. Toss the peels.