Pizza How to Keep Warm

Author : Efrain Silva

Want to know some good advice on how to keep that pizza nice and warm for when you want to eat it a bit later? Then keep on reading, my good pal, for we are about to get into just that. And believe me, it will be well worth your time…..

A tote bag is one of the easiest and best ways that you can keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold as well as drinks. Here with pizza, it is no different, provided that you’ve got it wrapped up in plastic or aluminum and kept safely inside that zipped tote bag. What I really like, perhaps the most of all, about these bags, is that they are made of a warm interior material that is designed to keep the food inside as close to its original room temperature as possible. Think of what a warm metallic thermal insulated mug or canteen does for your hot cocoa or tea, and you will be on the right track here ; with a tote bag that is made of insulated materials (and says it is insulated, on its labeling), you get the same effect. And it works nicely.

If the pizza, on the other hand, is still fresh and in its box, you can instead just throw the entire box in the oven and keep it on low (170F and not much higher than that). Yes, while it is agreed that cardboard is flammable, when it is kept at such a low degree, it cannot catch fire. Think of what it would be like if you left it outside in the sun. It would not catch fire, would it? The same holds true here.

The only time in which you would have to be truly concerned about this even happening is if the temperature were to rise to at least 300 F or higher. Then you’d have a problem. And I’d tell you to turn off the oven and get the fire extinguisher, just to be extra safe! But thankfully, that has not happened yet (nor should you plan for it to, if you heed my advice ahead of time).

BUT there is yet another method you can try : what some call the FRY PAN METHOD! Haha. The options really are many, aren’t they?

Now, this method works like this : With a non - stick type of pan, ideally one that’s stainless steel in its material, pre - heat to high heat, the highest setting you have. Then, throw the pizza on top, right in the pan, for about 2 minutes. This makes the bottom get nice and crispy and take in the bulk of the heat ; don’t worry. At 2 minutes only, the pizza won’t get burnt to a crisp.

Don’t forget to put a lid right on that pan, keeping it covered up nicely. The cheese melts. The sauce gets warm. And the process continues a little longer after those two minutes.