Cuisinart 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Stuffed burger presses are the way to go these days, and not just those regular old usual burger presses (boring, he he heh, just kidding). And this brand of Cuisinart knows how to make magic with your patty pressing needs and all for just $10 online. Wow. No kidding….

The CSBP - 100, as they like to officially call it, is one bad mother you never knew you had (or however the new expression for that goes, my kid knows it better than I do, he he heh). Its full dimensions are 5 x 5 x 2 in., and it means business. Some gloriously - obsessed fans (not myself, but friends I know around me) call this one the “Ultimate Bad Boy of All Burger Pressers” which, I think, would be a sick name to call it (we still have to pitch the idea to Cuisinart’s corporate office, someday, if we ever have the guts to try). It can do sliders. It can do normal patties. Heck, I’m sure it wouldn’t even be all that hard to get it to do a few hybrids in between, he he heh….food for thought. Literally.

It’s got a non - stick coating on it that says, “Stay away from me, patty. You can get pressed down on me, but you are not sticking around after that. I don’t want my owner to have to do any hard work to scrub you off later and potentially get infected with raw bacteria if his hands touch you” or something to that feel. Each patty maker speaks differently, of course. Which personality yours might have depends on your own imagination. Mine is faithful to its owner (because it knows I can toss it in the trash if it should ever fail me, mweh he heh).

All kidding kicked to the curb, let’s get serious. Now, then, I didn’t mention that it’s not afraid of dish - washers either. It can even handle the toughest, most brutal settings. The makers already planned ahead for that, so another bonus that makes. And what else?

Well, to recap, you can get regular old burgers out of it, pressed down to size and thickness. You can get sliders done well, too. And, of course, you can get stuffed burgers (my favorite of all time, and the very reason I think Lord Burger of the Burger Universe decided to re - invent himself). And if you want to do 2.5 inches, 4 inches, or heck, even 4.5 inches, this 3 - in - 1 product can handle it. And once you press down, you can twist either to the left or to the right (each side of Open or Close labeled carefully, with arrows and all, how super easy and convenient, I dare say).

So my only request still lies on the table —- will you PLEASE GET THIS ITEM? I say it for the future of all of us true burger lovers, and for Lord Burger himself….if he has not yet been eaten by a hungry human somewhere. Burger on!