Lodge Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Visit the Lodge store anytime (as I do so often online) and you will notice, most likely, how many different outdoor cooking and grilling products they also have, in addition to selling a few other great, trendy things. I like the burger press, which you can also use on the grill, pressing that patty tightly as it starts to sear into the grill itself. You get both the usual grill marks on it, in addition to the marks that this press makes, by the way…and you get a final, cooked patty that has been pressed from above and grilled from underneath — something completely cooked, without question, and uniquely tasty on its own. If you do not believe me in this, you ought to just try it for yourself. This black press item simply makes its indent from on top, helping things burn faster and get that patty into solid form, and did I mention it’s got a nice, spiral handle from which you can control things from the top on down? Yup, you won’t have to worry about burning your fingers or hands, by getting them too close to the action (right where the grill itself is, or where the patty is getting cooked). But instead, you get plenty of space for your hand to comfortably hold down that handle and still maintain a distance from the patty itself. It always adds a layer of comfort, not to mention some extra peace of mind, both of which are superb to any serious kitchen or grill person (if you have been grilling long enough, you know what I mean and how good it feels to have that extra help, especially if you have got lots of company over, supposing COVID - 19 restrictions are fully over).

Some also call this product the Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron from Lodge — it’s just a catchy name. Call it whatever you want to call it. I call it a grill or burger press, because that is exactly what it is, and you will find none other exactly like this online. (I have actually tried.) The material of this press is made to handle so as to not overburn / catch fire / etc. It retains all heat as it touches the patty, which gets hotter and hotter and hotter as you can imagine (from being pressed down firmly onto the grill lines). This item is of a rectangular shape and you can see it up close & personal right here too.

The same product lists itself in other places. Google it. You will see it on tons of other online shops and sites. Lodge is also not a bad brand, either.

All in all, this is a great product for burger pressing. Get it anytime. Or buy one for a friend. There’s nothing to lose!