Vevor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Making Machine 3-flavor Countertop Soft Yogurt Maker

Author : Efrain S.

Fully worth the nearly $1200, this ice cream maker is set to rock your world if you’re in charge of mass – producing large quantities of ice cream in a decent record time ( if perhaps you own a café, restaurant, ice cream shop, etc ) . You get two very large hoppers already built into it, and which look so nice and attractive, by the way ( 7L2/1.8 Gallons2 in capacity ) . You also get some of the best radiators and compressors within it, not to mention, which really serve to make this one heck of a machine that WON’T come breaking down on you in a couple days ( like with some other low – quality, cheaper ones designed these days, he he he heh ) . Nope, if you wan’t long – term use, and to crank out many ice cream servings rapidly, then THIS would be the one to invest in for your business, I must say. You will not be steered wrong.

And to add to this, there is more —- consider the fact that it can get you 3 flavors of any kind, based on the flavors you add and load to it…. you can either get a couple of single flavors, along with a mixed flavor, all pushed out at once, or you can have these cranked out individually, really up to you ( and your hungry customers, of course, he he he heh ) . And did I tell you, and this might be the best part, that the design of the display is fully attractive in its look and fully LCD? Yup. That’s right…. it sure is!

And what else might you tell? Well, to add to that last note, on this simple and smooth display, and one oh – so elegant, I might add, you can super – easily adjust how you want the hardness or softness of the final result to be ( whether ice cream, slushie, etc ) as well as the quantity, not to mention the temperature itself. And you also get an external cone holder that you can load cones into and just pull them out and slip them under the maker as it cranks out the ice cream right onto it… have it fall right in place on the cone, and you are good to go. Customers go wild for these sorts of features, I will not lie about that! That’s a fact.

You can make a sorbet, a soft – serve ice cream, a yogurt, heck, you name it… And at its optimal peak, and on its best day, it can even crank out at 20-28L/H or 5.3-7.4 Gal/H. Did you know that? And did you know it’s drip tray is specially designed to stop all dripping ( hence the name, ‘drip tray’, he he he heh ) of any cream, milk, water, or other liquid so that it does not even hit the floor?

More on The Vevor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine

This $1370 soft – serve / hard – serve ice cream extravaganza machine is worth each cent it asks for, so pay up if you got it. If not, then save up. That’s what I suggest, and for many a good reason as it is a top one on many markets these days and you can buy it online and send it straight home with the order…. shipping ensures that it gets to your location in a moment’s notice, and by that, of course, I mean just a few short days. And you’ll have the benefit of the doubt and full assurance to know that you’ll be getting a sweet, sensational machine that can do 2 + 1 flavors ( in other words, meaning that it is designed for you to load two flavors at a time, from behind the machine, but can also mix the two flavors, after they have been pre – loaded in, to get a new flavor – hybrid of the two…. so for instance, if you like vanilla and chocolate, you can mix them up together into a single, beautiful swirl of “vani - choco” or something like that, whatever weird name they call it these days, he he he heh heh … neat, yes? ) .

You can buy this machine single or in quantities, meaning, if you need to order bulk or own several locations that serve great ice cream, you can buy more than one machine at once….. and yes, like I said, all online and easy to place your order / check – out. It can be done in an instant, and once the order is fully processed, a new machine can make its way out the door and to your location. Easy and simple, no? Can’t get any better.

And you should also note the simple fact that it’s got its own pre – cooling function to avoid the ice cream from melting while it is inside the machine and being made…. how neat is that? Yes, we all know that even some indoor places can fail on heat, or the AC stops working. But even if that so happens to be the case, here, you will know, beyond any shadow of any frickin’ doubt, that your machine, at the very least, is STILL keeping cool…. and keeping your ice cream nice and chill. So is that a relief to think about, or what? But it gets EVEN better.

The cone holder that comes attached to the machine is damp – proof. And did I mention the fact that you get a nice, little, sophisticated, multi – colored LCD screen along with it? This makes it much easier to put in your order, when all is said and done. And everything is brightly labeled and displayed in order, easy to grasp. Super easy to use. Perhaps if this machine could literally fly, and had jet packs, it’d be PERFECT. Truly FLAWLESS.