Mini Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

There is literally nothing, I think (but I’ve been wrong), that I like more on an angry, frustrating moment than to take that rage out on pressing down some mini - burgers and making a delicious little dinner or snack to cool off from a tiresome day / week / month. It’s a way for me and many of us to de - compress from whatever it is that could be stressing us out or making us lose perspective on the best of life. I know that it works like a charm — some give me 15 minutes of pressing down, and heck, I could even make a whole batch of mini - burgers and save them for later use all while feeling better about my situation. It does work, but you have to try it to feel it.

Feel it out. There is nothing to lose. And there is nothing I like more, in this case, than getting to whip out my new Lucky Monet just for this. It’s a great mini - hamburger press that, to this day, has not steered me wrong. For only $14, brand - new, I really put my money down well on something that has lasted and I hope will last me for at least the next 5 years (as some users have claimed). If you want a single - press one, to save you some arm effort, he heh, you could even get one of those instead and just pay an extra $4, give or take. The Lucky Money, thankfully, offers both versions of its mini - burger press, both of which I must say have been great to have around.

Yes, I did pay the extra $4 to get the single - press one, and heck, I went ahead and bought the regular triple - press one, too, so I could have the best of both worlds. And when one was in the sink or in the dishwasher, and I did not have time to clean it or feel like doing any dish chores, I would simply pull out the other one. Whenever I feel like pressing down, and doing it a little more repeatedly, to get rid of some anger or stress, I pull out my triple - press one. But on the other hand, when I feel a little more tired, or am having a ‘lazy day’, I simply go for my single - press one. It works!

All LFGB standards have been properly adhered to and fully met, by the way — I just thought I’d throw that out there in case we have any other technical - specifications adherence buffs out there (to not leave me as the only elephant in the room, he he heh). It’s made of cast aluminum, too, which is a great material for a product of this sort. And it’s also made as a non - stick press, which means those little leftovers won’t be hard to wipe off.