Ilfornino Pizza Ovens

There’s multiple types of pizza ovens and pizza oven - related products that this brand sells, and our aim is to start talking about at least a few of these so you can get a more solid picture if one is right for you. First of all, we come to the ilFornino® Largo Professional Stainless Steel Wood Burning Pizza Oven - Counter Top, which states its main price as $1,295. Do not dismay --- it seems to be worth every cent you put into buying it as its reviews do not drop from a full five stars. It weighs about 230 lbs. And there’s a slight catch -- with a product of this caliber, you will have to pay more than usual in shipping….meaning that about another $285 will come out of your wallet. 

This product can bake casseroles, make pizzas and more. You’ve got a double - walled, heavy dome along the top of it, protecting both the inside, the outside, and the surrounding close to them, from catching flame or overheating. This actually never happens, really. Every preventative safety measure has already been thought of here, so buyer ‘peace of mind’ is another benefit coming with it. Plus, it comes with a 4” ceramic covering, in the form of a blanket, really, to offer more protection. 

The heating time is only 15 minutes, give or take. Cook that pizza in only two minutes, though, just considering the actual cook time. Pre - heating adds a few more minutes to the equation as you can see. And when you buy these pizza ovens, you not only get the ovens but also a few other things with them as well….such as a full - sized user manual that describes the oven’s every button, feature and surprise. You also get 1 starter pizza peel, in addition to 1 1 Starter Brush/Scraper, as well as 4 Metal Carrying Handles. 

Now, armed with the full thing, you’ll be ready to rock that kitchen! And the kitchen will be ready for you. Can you handle it? Ilfornino Pizza Ovens will deliver the “awesomeness”. 

When you place the bottom on any island, while cooking, it’ll notably stay cool ; this is a nice little touch. And there’s even a 900°F Thermometer, that’s been wall - mounted, along with it. A couple of 10” pies can even fit within your cooking area, with perhaps a bit more room to all depends on how well you can conserve that space. Move things around as you need to, before even starting the pre - heat, of course. 

1.5" Refractory Stone is what makes up this cooking base, by the way. Now let’s talk about another swell deal of a product sold by this brand too --- the IlFornino® Largo Professional Stainless Steel Wood Burning Pizza Oven With Stand. It weighs just the same as the last one we talked about, but it lists its full price $1,495.00. It’s also got five stars.

In addition to baking a couple of well - placed, “10” pies (like the last one), this one can even do a couple of  9”x 12” Casseroles as well. And this product already comes pre - seasoned and ready for use ; the sellers took care of that themselves, assuring that they added more value to it than ever before. But that is not even all. Now, it comes with more solid door - opening dimensions, so write these down : 20.5” W x 7” H. 

Valley Cottage, New York is very resourceful, as a city, holding many great assembly material parts in its reach. And guess what? This is where most of these pizza ovens’ parts come from. Its heating time is once again 15 good minutes, just enough time to read that catchy new article or blog someone sent you the other day. The timing could not be better --- don’t get too comfortable, though. When the time is up, you’ll have to go back and check on that pizza!

Another great pizza oven selection is the IlFornino® Piccolino Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Black. This elegant, yet simple, dark black and gray pizza oven finally makes the seller’s list at under $1,000, selling off at $895.00. So this means that if you don’t want to spend a whole credit card, or maybe half of one, in my case, then you don’t have to. Just get this pizza oven, which offers great quality and sticks within your price point, and problem solved. 

It only weighs 150 lbs. You can assemble the whole thing in a half hour or less, given you’ve got the patience, time and motivation to get it done. Assemble the cart and stand easily. It’ll just take a few moments, and full directions - precautions are in the instruction manual you get when you buy the product as new. Here’s the full height of the entire oven, when assembled from the bottom, at the floor, to the very top, at the chimney : 80". 

201 stainless steel, coated with powder, makes up the composition of this product. It’s not bad at all though there are stronger, more durable stainless steel types. Yet for what you pay, you still get great value. And, after all, stainless steel is stainless steel….it still guards and protects. 

Let’s look at another pizza oven, now, a more cart - less option the same company makes. I’m talking about the IlFornino ® Grande G-Series - Wood Fired Pizza Oven. It weighs a full 550 lbs, impressively, so if you’ve been lifting weights lately, even you might likely not be able to move it. It sells for about $3,795.00. There’s another $360 or more, to take into account, for shipping. 

It mainly includes the oven itself, with the door, with the chimney and its damper. You’ve got a professional pizza peel in there, too, and a brush / scraper. Let’s not forget the handy old manual either. That should be everything that you need….. 

Check out these pizza ovens. See if you need one. Who knows when you get a craving for homemade pizza made traditionally? Why not?