Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven

Author : Efrain S.

This pizza oven is made by Nickelodeon itself ( or Nick, as some call it, for short ) , and you should check out more of their stuff. This pizza oven is rockin’ great. But I think I am under – stating the point, yet that is okay. I am about to tell you so much more anyways, so please read….

First of all, it’s got “The world’s most awesome pizza machine” labeled all over its front, which just makes me laugh. Cute. And it’s got the 4 happy turtles that everyone loves, those pizza – loving mutant ninjas! The best warriors of all time, in my opinion. He he he he heh heh hhehhh…. they take up the front image as well, eating pizza and having a good time. Ralph, Donny, Mike, and Leo, these guys kicked butt back in the day, and they still do today! In this image on their front oven label, they’re the old – school turtles ( not the new animated ones made by Nick and on the newer Nickelodeon TV shows ) , so if you’re an old- school sort of ninja turtles fan, then this is perfect for you. I know I once was and will always be! Kickin’ it old school, as they say!!!!!

You have the ‘power’ and ‘ready’ functions right up at the top – front of the small, black pizza oven. The ‘power’ is on the left side, and the ‘ready’ is on the right, and they are red and green, respectively. Easy to see and use, and tell when your pizza is cooking and once it’s done. Couldn’t be simpler, which I do like.

But also, it can even bake up a nice, frozen pizza if you just took one out of the fridge, per say. So throw it in there and watch it do its work. Also, it can do like a 12 – incher, max. That’s a decently big pizza, just a little smaller than those large 14 – inchers. Or if you are using a pizza or pizza dough that has got a rising crust with it ( you can get these from certain places, which is so sweet ) , then you can do a pizza as big as 11 inches. Throw it in there and cook! I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking hand – tossed…..

Anyways, to further water your mouth as you read my words, he heh, there IS some more —- the inside of this pizza oven is made to be completely non – sticking. So just slide that pizza pie off once it is finished, and do not worry about having to scrub hard like Annie, the orphan! Heh heh. It comes right off, and it’s easy to clean up, too. Very easy item, all in all.

Guess what else? I think you’ll LOVE that it doesn’t require ANY pre – heating. Read again. You read CORRECTLY.

NO pre – heating. It gets to baking instantly. Try it out.