Adjustable Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva

You might already be questioning my methods, friends, as I can see psychically see you doing in my mind (ooh, those nifty God - given super powers of mine at work again) : “Hey, Efrain, out of all the great adjustable burger presses out there in shops and sites, why in the name of blue - reddish tarnation do you simply opt for the Winco?” I will tell you why. Read forward, my innocent padawans…..

First of all, I like its aluminum alloy, which, upon the first glance, actually shines upon you the impression that it counts more than people know as a product. It actually gives a rich feeling and many have not believed it’s only $12.79 to get it, plus a little tax here or there. Take or give a few darn cents. But this nice, chromey look and feel sure feels real and reminds me of some of the finest metals and steels, alloys of different kinds as well, which I have seen near my house, which is close to where the Land of Oz is. Ha! Gotcha. But you did keep reading this far, so good for you….

No, ha. In fact, no kidding here, my house is close to some old factories, as well as an industrial plant and a train station that’s been semi - abandoned. A steel mill is just nearby, and you can get the whole feel, all in all, that you are in a nice traditional Western American town (even a more modern ghost town, if you prefer that) where industry is still booming and times are as they were in old cartoons (toot toot!). Get the feeling? Now, with all that being said, this nice, bright metal you see in places like this, shining and silver, no less, is more rare these days and certain materials are easier to produce, manufacture and work with (so it is indeed rarer to see a burger press like this one, which looks like one of the lids or covers on one of those old, original, well - kept tanks or rust chemical containers, etc.).

So of course, it looks nice. And it shines like heck. It polishes relatively easily. And, of course, it’s easily clean - able and hand - washed (yes, only wash it by hand as these are the instructions given by the brand manufacturers, so do well to take heed). If you want a 6 - oz. burger, you can get it pressed - up and done. How about a 7 - oz. one? No prob, friend. Or 8 oz.? You’re not pushing it —- it’s made to handle an 8 - oz. as well.

So I hope I answered your question, in a nutshell. I prefer the Winco, though I like others, too, when it comes to an adjustable burger patty press. It just looks rare and is special in its maintenance and visual appeal on my kitchen countertop area. And since I use it all the time, it’s super good that it’s durable and made from aluminum alloy of the best kind. So don’t judge me, or I might cry (fake tears, he he heh)…..