Vevor Commercial Countertop Frozen Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Machine Mix Flavors 110v

Author : Efrain S.

At $1,227.99, this ice cream maker’s not messing around. It’s fully worth every cent. I am about to show you why…

So first of all, it’s got some very strong – functionality hoppers included with it, two, to be exact. And these are LARGE capacity types of hoppers, in fact ( 6L2/1.6 Gallons2 ) . There is also the fact that it can be used extensively to make loads on loads of ice cream, all in one day ( say, as a matter of fact, it’s ideal if you run your own shop or café or restaurant and like to serve ice cream to your customers as a dessert menu option ) . The drip tray, to catch any leaks or drips of ice cream or fluids, is fully removable, also…. it detaches so easily, and it’s even easier to put it right back on once you clean it. That all helps the process be so much more efficient and smooth, all in all….

Did I mention those hoppers are stainless – steel – made and food – grade quality, by the way? If I did not, then shame on me. Because they are! But there’s much more for you to see here….. such as the fact that this machine gives you 20-28L/H, aka 5.3-7.4 Gal/H in ultimate production. That’s pretty efficient, isn’t it? Let’s not stop there, though….

There is ALSO the fact that it uses no less than the best R410a for its refrigeration fluid and can even offer two flavors at once ( as well as a third, ‘mixed’ flavor for when you want to mix these two together, which is what that crank or shaft in the middle is for, he he he heh…. not bad at all, right? Making you hungry yet? ) . AND there’s the fact that the main screen will show you hardness, quantity, time, and much more so YOU can be the one in control ( or your customer can, in this case, he heh ) of what kind of ice cream comes out and how. And it does not show you these details on just ANY screen, but in fact, a fully – LCD one, to add to that. Pow! And it gets better, still….

You ALSO get to choose whether you want to make a smoothie, push out a soft – serve, or even anything else. There’s much you can do here. And when you own a restaurant or café, by the way, it helps to add more options to your menu and hopefully drive up some sales… who knows what your customers might be hungry for, after all? Why not give them plenty of options to pick from?

You also get 1 – click cleaning ( or single – clean, auto – cleaning as some prefer calling it, he heh ) . This means the machine can clean itself when you are too busy to do it, and it can do so relatively quickly. Not bad.