What Meats are Good for Fondue?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

All right, guys! Here we are again. Let me break it down, telling you some of the best fondue meats out there, proven true…..

Beef - Ah, yes. How can anyone top beef? It is one of the most eaten meats out there and likewise one of the healthiest / most popular at the super markets of today, both local and foreign. Mostly everyone loves meat —- meat eaters abound, and when you think about it, most meats are beef (sorry, cows, that you get slaughtered in such huge quantities every week at the slaughter - house). When it comes to fondue with beef, get this — you want to first start off by rightly making sure that its fat is first trimmed properly. And you can cook beef here either in broth or oil. The word ‘fondue’, by the way, implies cooking as well as possible but quickly, in most cultures. So the only question is —- do you prefer a broth fondue or an oil fondue? Your pick.

Chicken - Use that nice chicken breast for your next fondue extravaganza. Pick oil or broth method, once more, and choose whether or not to serve it alongside a few side items. Get that broth up to 212 F, ideal temp for cooking here. But if you are doing oil, then that should be 350 (which is still relatively low enough not to catch fire or over - heat / spill oil). Who doesn’t love a good fondue chicken after a killer week in the office, eh? I can’t think of one hard worker who doesn’t. I’ve enjoyed catered and even self - made chicken fondue many, many times myself.

Pork - With porks, you should notice that it is also a great meat to fondue but can work a little differently than with, say, beef —- in the very sense that you instead need pork that is without sinew and holds very little - to - no fat of any kind. Make sure you are using a cutlet. Or how about a nice tenderloin? Either works, in this case, similarly to when fonduing beef just right. You can’t eat pork — side note — without fully ensuring you’ve cooked it through well, here, just like when fonduing chicken. In this case, you SHOULD try to be TOO careful.

Seafood - Some consider seafood not to be meat ; regardless, others still do consider a part of the meat family. Either way, it’s worth quickly noting that many sorts of seafood are very good for a fondue here and there. Some of these include shrimps, as well as fillets or crabs. You might even like lobster or scallops, all of these work nicely in a fondue meal experience. If it’s softer, more delicate seafood, then you might want to go with a broth fondue. On the other hand, if you’re working with some fresh fish, take your pick easily —- broth or oil, no pressure.

So what do you think? Want to try any of these meats in a fondue fashion? I know you do. Give ‘em a shot! Let me know that I wasn’t wrong at all in my tastes and preferences for fonduing them, he he heh.