Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press with Patty Ejector

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Friend, if you know anything at all about me, then you know that I like my patties. And nothing separates me from my juicy burger when I’m hungry. I mean nothing.

And if you REALLY know me, you will also know that this burger press here is actually my top choice (as I mentioned in another blog I wrote, somewhere around here). Why is it my top choice, you may be saying, when there are so many other ones out in the world? And new ones being created for every brand and market you can think of?

Well, I would say it is due to this — for such a low - priced item, it is not low - quality. In fact, it has been my own experience that I have gotten significantly far more value out of this single burger press alone than I have out of many others I’ve tried using but all while not breaking my wallet. That says much. Cost plus value is key here.

For only $20, I was able to get a burger press that looks nice when stacked in the cabinet wall of my lovely, bright silver kitchen appliance storage cabinet area. I can pull it out anytime I need and just plug it right in (when getting the special edition electric version, as opposed to the regular cordless version), and the plug / cord does not get tangled or hang around loosely but is instead flexible and easy to roll up or spread out as needed. I have plenty of room here when using this burger press in my kitchen and do not need to scramble for space as others may do. I can also step a few feet back from the wall and plug it right in to find that it is not uncomfortable or the cord about to fall out from the outlet ; it’s a perfect fit when in my home. It seems as if we were made for each other.

Now, this small and compact, elegantly beautiful, aluminum - silver looking burger press does not take up too much space on any outdoor picnic table either as its online photos will also make clear to you. You can move this portable press around just about anywhere and with the best of ease. And did I mention its aluminum is of heavy - duty, only the kind serious experts like to go with? It’s the best around and will last longer.

Whether you want a simple patty of just 1 /4 inches in thickness, or you’re going for something more like 1 1/2 inches, regardless, this press can get the job done. It can tailor any and all patty sizes in between as well. So get picky with it. Your patty is your patty, and you deserve to have it pressed just the way you like it, am I right?

You can do beef. You can also press down some deer or venison. Heck, any meat in patty form is fair game! So check out this product when you get a chance and buy one!