What do You Use to Cook Meat in a Fondue Pot?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

The idea of this specific blog is to tell you just a little bit more about all the great ways you can cook your meats while in fondue, he heh….using that fondue pot, lately? Then check out what I have to say….

First of all, when cooking meat in a fondue pot, out of several other things you ought to think about using, consider a fondue strainer , maybe even one just like the one in this link. Amazon’s got it for a cheap - ass $6.39, so it’s a deal you can’t afford to not afford! In fact, it’s nearly a 3 0- inch one and can handle all you want to throw at it, he heh….let it properly strain out your water and keep the other stuff out. It’s a great strainer, but in general, you don’t need this one only (in fact, any strainer ought to do just fine, depending on what you are pouring out onto it and the size of your overall fondue pot, not to mention).

You also need a fondue burner to properly cook fondue with, of course, and if your current burner is giving out less than it usually does or shows you some other issues, then it may be saying it is about to die or has nearly died….time to get a new one? I think it might not be a bad idea, and since I mention it, there are a few great online sites that have it on sale —- one I can recall seeing recently, as of late, is this one. Get it here for just $15. What else do you use to cook meat in your fondue pot, or anything else that helps?

Yes. In fact, try an entire fondue party sit, which is basically like a full - blown fondue kit that helps you with all aspects of cooking. I like this one, if you are curious HERE. It comes with ramekins —- ha! —- and even a ceramic bowl. So check it out.

Or if you want something a little different, perhaps trying something like this meat fondue product set might help you out a little better: HERE. This 16 - piece set rocks. Put down the $40.