Air Fryer Sizes: How Big of an Air Fryer Do i Need?

Author : Efrain Silva

Hello and welcome, my dear ladies and gentlemen : In this amazing new blog post, I am going to talk to you all about getting one of the healthiest accessories you can ever get for your home or business kitchen: an air fryer. It is fast, convenient and extremely healthy and cost efficient alike. Now with this said comes a very valid question that thousands of residents across America have actually asked and Googled : It is —- what size do I need? One of the best second questions you can ask, only after “should I get an air fryer?”, is that one.

Let us take a look as to why it is in your best interest to keep size in mind when picking out a nice possible air fryer. So first of all, if it is only you, living alone, then a 2-quart (or 3, at most) air fryer should be more than good enough. Don’t invest in something too much bigger, which could take up space, energy and even cost. No, in fact, keep it at 2 - 3, even if it’s just you and one more person in the home; this size is ideal for up to two people.

The next thing that I want you to think about is a 5.8 quart one, which you can pull off the shelf when it’s time to have family over for the holidays. That already is starting to sound like a good idea, is it not? This size is perfect for such a need and can accommodate for groups of 10 - 30 ideally. You can usually make a pound of finger food snacks, an entire chicken — or heck, a whole whopping large pizza with this kind of air fryer.

Air fryers, as a side note, are tremendously good at taking out the grease in (or simply cooking without any grease) greasier foods. That is why many experts consider them to be a more safe and healthy alternative. And when you need extra space to hog, perhaps in place of that old toaster oven you just got rid of, a 5.8 quart air fryer can fit in there quite nicely. It won’t take up, neither way too much space nor way too little — but it feels like just the right amount. And to further add to that thought, just think about this : Many this size even fit inside a counter so you don’t have to leave it out where it’s visible, at least, until you need to use it.

If you have a larger party than that, then you want to go with something like a 7.8 quart air fryer or bigger depending on the need. How many people are you planning to have over? We hope these suggestions have helped you in some form. And if they have, then please write to us to tell us or suggest any new ideas for improvement. Thanks for reading, my dear friends!