How does McDonald’s Cook Their Burgers so Fast?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Reader, believe me when I say this : I care about the health of America and of the world, in fact. I care so much I DO NOT sugar - coat a single thing and I live my life that way, by this very standard, so help me God. I care enough about you, whoever is reading this, to tell you the truth of the matter even if it means saying something you will not like to hear or that is uncomfortable to adjust to (within proper reason, of course). And in this, I refer to the quick buck made by the multi - billion - dollar junk food business known as McDonald’s, a brand and franchise known in every facet of the globe, with international restaurants and offices alike on nearly every single continent known to man (and perhaps even on others not known to man, soon, as I do hear they hope to start a few new chains up in Mars, just kidding, but maybe not…).

The truth is this : They make those burgers so darn fast because they need to hit their quota. Sales is a numbers game, and this business serves and sells billions (daily, not just weekly or monthly). They don’t care for the quality of the meat, the healthiness of the bun, or anything in between. They just want to get people to order at the register, eat and forget about what they are putting into their own bodies. They have to hit their numbers, and as such, the employees are trained in this way, too, to be fast on the register, take orders accurately and quickly, and help the next customer (sometimes the restaurant being full, of new customers, from the front of the register to the back of the line, way back in the back). These restaurants are usually always full, and have lines of people waiting for a delicious burger ; and it’s not polite to keep someone waiting.

To further add on this, as I think I should, with your permission, these burgers arrive in a pre - formed state, frozen and over - preserved until they’re needed. When needed, they’re opened out of boxed containers and slapped onto a grill, being hot and ready in a matter of seconds (not minutes — time is of the essence when selling in large quantities). Employees are trained to sell these fast, and to make more quickly! Nothing else, really.

In addition, large grills are used. Those can hold up to about 20 patties at a single time. So one can make multiple patties in just seconds. Think of this whole process like a warehouse assembly line — the product goes on and off the belt in as short of a time as possible, but in as high of a quantity as possible, sometimes giving no heed to quality.

So it’s a numbers game — that is why it’s so fast. McDonald’s is all about profits as all businesses tend to be. But in the process, they sacrifice your health and mine. I will not lie to you as they do daily.