Hamburger Presses

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you have ever wondered if it is even worth it to buy a burger press, stop and slap yourself in the hand for even thinking such a thought : Just kidding, friend, but seriously, don’t question the benefits. It’s me here again, and I’m going to tell you just a bit about some of the benefits to owning such a product and why you should not discard the notion of picking one up yourself, for your loved ones, or even for your business office (ooh, fancy).

So first off, let me begin here where all great reads begin, by telling you the first main point of interest you will not want to skip over —– which is the very fact that “the handle” is a lot more smooth. And I am not talking about a physical handle, like on a pot or pan. No, silly, I refer to the overall handling of things ; you can handle a burger press quite easily, which is the first main pro about it, all in all. What I mean is this, though — With a burger press, that fresh patty (or whole burger) goes right in and doesn’t get messed up with you interfering too much, touching and moving things around with your hands to adjust anything (as you may perhaps do with the usual sandwich - maker). Nope….the burger goes in and gets ready and comes right out, easy to put on a plate and eat. You usually don’t have to worry about messing up the shape or size of the whole thing, as so often happens by accident when using other methods.

Also, when you opt to use a burger press, you’re also saying “yes” to keeping that meat cold and still fresh, without spoiling, when you need it to remain so. What do you mean, Efrain? Well, what I mean is this - certain burger presses are made entirely of metal and when you put them in the fridge or freezer, things stay nice and chilled….with the burger inside, of course. And silly me for not even mentioning the very best benefit of all - the uniformity.

Yup, since the press makes each burger come out in an exact shape / diameter each and every single time, it helps keep all your burgers looking uniform and the same to one another (to prevent your best friend from accusing you of giving him a smaller burger than yours, he heh, and we all know that can happen around the dinner table from time to time). In addition to that — and make note of this, too, because it’s a really important point many people also fail to think about — you also have the fact that each burger gets pressed and held to the same temperature and time limit (given that you’ve left it on the same setting, of course). That also implies all burgers take the same time to cook and you can count the time or know when the next one’s due to come out. Enjoy!