Best Compact Espresso Machine: Top 3 picks

Author : Efrain S.

Let me show you what some call 3 of the “best” in the world of espresso machines, and yes, before you ask it, I will answer it….they do come in compact selections and sizes. Win, win, right? Ka – ching! Now read the rest…..

First of all, know that The Flair Signature Espresso Maker is one of its kind and loved by hundreds (if not thousands). I have known, including myself, many other coffee lovers who sings its praises. It’s a great one because it makes a quality espresso every single time (one that scores 10 out of 10, most would say, he he he heh). And guess what else? It does it LIKE THAT. Click of a button or snap of your fingers (well…not literally that fast, but I will say it is still PRETTY DARN fast and does not leave you waiting for long).

For on – the – go – coffee, this one’s a top choice. And one minor complaint, the only one I have actually found, about it….is that it’s a little big for some. It’s a nice, large machine that can do a lot (and quickly, as I noted), so for me, that’s a big win. But if you’re not too ‘sold’ on this one, after looking it up and seeing more online, then don’t worry, there’s more…..

A 2nd top pick, I would say, is this one…wait for it…..

Hold your horses!!!! Next up, we’ve got the Handpresso Wild Hybrid (yes, he he heh, that is its name…I promise)….call name, no? And some call this one “The Workhorse”, too. Nice.

It’s got ground coffee and ESE pod capabilities alike, dishing out the best of both worlds as you need it. Want great coffee smell and taste? This is a solid one. It’s smaller than the last one we looked at and can travel around with you in any small luggage, give or take…it fits in well and is also comprised of a nice, metal body. So it is strong, too, and oh, so durable!

Not only that, but it also can give you a unique “hybrid” of both coffee pods (as mentioned) or ground coffee. Hence the name. Super cool.

And get this — the brewing process is super easy and one of the most convenient around. So all in all, it’s no wonder this one gets picked as one of the favorites for many. And there’s one more we’ll look at….

The Wacaco Nanopresso (say that 10 times fast without getting a tongue blister or tied up, I dare you, he he he heh hehhhh) is certainly top – ranked as well. It only weighs 336 grams and is small enough to join you on a mountain hiking quest (since it fits in even a smaller back pack, he heh). And you can get the optional add – on Barista Kit that so many people have fallen in love with, built and designed just for this compact espresso machine, to be able to use multiple basket types or tanks.