What Oil To Use For Fondue

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Want to take and try out these suggestions on your own? Let me know how it goes! Read what I have to say below, and tell me what you think….

They say that the best oil for this would be something like a sort of neutral oil, something with a very high sort of ‘smoke point’, if you have heard the term before. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It is fondue, after all. And having the perfect oil is half the battle, I would like to say ( and yes, I say speaking from experience, he he he he heh ) …..

Let me tell you what the worst kind of oil would be, to flip things around just a bit. Can you guess what kind of oil that might be? If you guessed olive oil, then kudos! You guessed the correct answer, and I am now about to share why….

So, olive oil has a very low smoke point, not to even mention the mere fact that it has a flavor that is way too strong on its own for this type of thing… fondue. Want to know what the best oil is, or my take on it? It’s canola oil. And can you guess why, my friend? Well, let me tell you.

So first of all, canola oil itself has both one of the highest smoke points around, of all the oils, and I did not even mention the very fact that it is also one of the cheapest that you can get…. if that helps motivate you to use it even more, for your fondues, he he he heh. A whole huge bottle, at places like Costco, can cost just $ 5 - $ 7 if you come on the right day and play your cards right ( coupons, membership card, etc. ) .

And it also contributes very little flavor of its own — as a matter of fact, some would even stress, and I agree, that it has no flavor. Period. When you fondue, you’re already adding the flavor of whatever you are fonduing, so it is ideally best not to mix too many flavors in there or cook with an oil that has too strong of a scent / overall flavor to it. Consider that as well.

Other good options can be sunflower seed oil, or even peanut oil. Heck, one more option, for free, I’ll throw at ya — grapeseed oil. These are all not bad. Yet for me, the best is canola, pure and raw. Canola is just one of the best oils in general and good for cooking so many kinds of foods ( I could write an eternal list on just that —- he he he he heh ) .

I hope you’ll remember this. And thank you for reading!