How Do You Cover Ice Cube Trays?

Author : Efrain Silva

Keeping Those Trays Covered, in Different Scenarios

Let’s talk about many of the ins and outs of ice cube trays this time around, ladies and gentlemen, especially some major points to consider, which you may not have heard of. First of all, whether you are electing to use your ice cube trays to hold in ice cubes, or food, as many do, can change things greatly here….as well as whether or not you’re then keeping such trays in the fridge or in the freezer (the place where the trays were initially designed to be housed inside, and with or without covers / lids, respectively). Let’s get in for a closer dive into this topic, why don’t we?

Let’s say you are like many parents out there, myself included at some point in the past, and you enjoy storing and freezing baby food in these small and convenient ice cube trays. Now, of course, like any type of careful parent, you naturally want to cover the trays. How do you do so? Well, countless experts have suggested using none other than plastic wrap, aka in the form of cling-film, to be more specific, as a wrapping. It works well.

Some, on the other hand, would suggest not covering it at all, but we, however, agree with the first point of view mentioned : Do use the cling-wrap, but do not wrap it up too tightly ; allow for a slight bit of air to pass from the food to the wrapping so as to let it breathe a bit. And put it in the fridge, ideally, and plan to have your baby eat this food within the week so as to avoid it spoiling. If you plan to store this baby food for longer (or any other type of food you’d like to fit in these trays, for that matter), then move it to the freezer and make sure it is not forgotten — intend to have it thaw for 5-7 hours, at first, and then be consumed within the next 2 - 3 months, ideally.

Additional Options to Think About

You could also not use ice cube trays and instead go with a BPA - free container, if storing ice or food in the fridge or freezer. That’s the other major option to consider. Many have elected this option as well.

You could also use “no - spill” ice cube trays, which happen to come with their own lid. A perfect example of this, and one of my own favorites, is the OXO Good Grips. You can find it on Amazon. It comes with its own silicone lid that keeps all water / other material inside the tray.

Final Word

How to cover ice cube trays? We’ve got you covered! I hope you enjoyed this reading. Stick around : There’s plenty more good stuff to come….

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