How To Core Cupcakes With Melon Baller

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

That is the question, this time, and oh, how it burns! That “burning” sort of question, heh heh. So we’re going to talk about it here and now : can you core cupcakes this way? Should you? What else to note?

Well, first of all, you can do so. It is quite possible and will not mess up your cupcake at all in the slightest, especially if you are careful and you do things the right way here, so to speak. Now let me tell you some more. If you were ever hoping to skip a blog, my friend, and not read all the way to the finishing paragraph, then let me tell ya that this blog right here is NOT the one to do so with, he he he heh…. as it will be not only expertly loaded with all the right valuable information but should also be a fun one to not miss. So here we go….

Now, then, know this —- if you’re to use this tool on a cupcake as opposed to using it on your usual melon, it will be more or less the same. So do not worry about things being too different at all, mind you. The end result, not to mention the experience, tend to remain just about the same. So I now sense you breathing a sweet, deep sigh of relief, right? And guess what else —- generally speaking, most melon – ballers can ALSO get used on meat ( like tender meat – balls and such ) , other fruit kinds, veggies ( like potatoes, tomatoes, etc ) , and heck, certain other softer foods in general. Did you know that? So yes, they’re not just for melons, ha ha!

Now if you want to use it on a cupcake, then, here is what you will need to do first : insert that baller right in the center of the cupcake ( assuming that, of course, you have removed the cupcake packaging or container and left the cupcake “ naked”, so to speak, and much easier to work with…. and that you have not added any other filling or such to your plain, naked cupcake ) . Twist it around gently and you will find yourself going in a nice, circle kind of motion ; and what happens next, you will come to see, is that it makes a nice little hole at the center of your cupcake. Then, of course, you can just push up – ward and bring the baller back up, and set it down somewhere. Not hard at all, right?

To go down even deeper, and making a bigger hole while also removing more of the cupcake’s center, just repeat the process. So in other words, put the baller back in, twist, and then remove. Repeat as you need.