Rice Cooker Not Turning On - Common Problems And Solutions

Rice cookers have made cooking convenient, just pour some water, add rice, switch on the power button, and voila the rice gets cooked within minutes.

But there’s one situation, you’ll hate the rice cooker, and that’s when it’s not working!

Like every other gadget, a rice cooker can also break down, but that doesn’t mean you should famish the entire day just because you couldn’t cook rice.

Here, in this post, you’ll know about some quick solutions to fix a myriad of rice cooker problems. So, the next time your cooker doesn’t turn on, follow these hacks and make it work.

Quick Tips to Follow When the Rice Cooker is Not Turning On

There can be many reasons why the indicator light isn’t turning on. Maybe you forgot to put the switch inside the outlet, or there’s something wrong with the fuse.

Here are some common problems and all the possible ways you can try at home:

LED Indicator Not Turning On

In some cases, the LED indicator doesn’t turn on, and folks think that the cooker has broken down. Check whether the cooker is working by putting some rice and water in it.

If it is cooking properly, then there’s something wrong with the indicator. Replacing the indicator is pretty easy, and all you need is a screwdriver, some electrical tape, and a new indicator.

Unscrew the existing indicator, and cut the wires from the advanced LED compartment. Now join the new indicator with the wires, tape the connections, and put the LED indicator back in place.

If the cooker is still not working, then follow another method to fix it.

Internal Circuit Problems

Loose wires and circuitry can be the culprit, why appliances fail to work sometimes. And this can be the case with a rice cooker. The loose wire or circuit can be the reason why it isn’t turning on.

What you can do is, pull out the wire from the outlet and access the cooker’s main compartment, which is at the back.

Open the plate by unscrewing the screws, and look for any broken or loose connections. Also, scrutinize if there are any burnt wires or connections in there.

While you can fix the small issues like loose wires yourself, fixing some big issues may need a professional or expert’s attention.

Note: Make sure to wear safety gloves while looking for any loose connections.

Damaged or Failed Power Cord

The sole purpose of the power cord is to supply current to the main cooker unit. And if the wire isn’t working, there’s no chance the cooker will turn on.

Inspect the wire and look for any damages. Sometimes the wire breaks down due to bends. Look for any frays or cuts, and if you see any, then get a new wire to fix the rice cooker.

Replacing the power cord isn’t that hard, but it may require tools like a solder to strengthen the joints using filler metal.

Thermal Cutoff Problem

Modern rice cookers come equipped with a thermal cutoff feature that protects the machine from overcurrent and overheating. Furthermore, this is a common issue that most people experience with their cookers.

The cooker stops working if the temperature exceeds the threshold or if there are any voltage fluctuations. Fixing the thermal fuse can be a pain because it isn’t that easy and requires many professional tools such as multimeters, pilers, and solder.

If you have everything required to fix a fuse, watch this video, and repair it like a pro. On the other hand, you should see an electrician if you aren’t sure how to repair a fuse.

Note: Some people even recommend bypassing the fuse to make the rice cooker work. But this is not the best practice and may result in some big damages.

The fuse is there to safeguard the cooker from overcurrent and overheating.

Age of the Cooker

The cooker’s age or lifespan may not sound like an issue, but it really is something big to worry about. Everything has a limited lifespan, and a rice cooker is no exception.

If the cooker is old, and you are using it for years, then it’ll surely lead to issues at some point in life.

So, what’s the solution for this?

Well, the only viable solution is buying a new rice cooker. Make sure to skim through some best rice cooker reviews to get a plethora of recommendations.

These are some common problems people experience with rice cookers. Just follow the solutions we listed in the post to fix the cooker on the go.

Not all the problems are fixable, and you should see a technician if the issue is related to the circuit and changing any parts.

Is There Something You Can Do to Avoid Experiencing Issues with the Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can prevent experiencing issues with the rice cooker by keeping a few things in mind. Always go through the instructions carefully before getting your hands on the machine.

Use it properly, and keep it clean so that it works without any issues. Also, prevent the power cord from getting bent, and make sure that there are no sharp objects nearby that can damage the cord.

Final Thoughts

With these easy tips, you can become a rice cooker technician to fix some common issues at home. Only repair the cooker if it’s in a repairable condition. If you see signs of damage such as a bent cord, damaged circuit, and broken body, then it is advised to get a brand-new cooker.

In case the cooker is still not working even after you followed all the aforementioned tips, then seeing a technician is the only solution.

If the cooker is under warranty, contact the manufacturer for a replacement or repairs.