Pizza Oven How Long to Heat Up

Author : Efrain Silva

Depending on the size and model of the pizza oven, it can generally take around 30 to 190 minutes to get things fully up and running. And it also can depend on the type of heat setting that you plan to get things cranked up to, as well. Although we all wish there were a set number or time frame specific to all pizza ovens, the sad truth is that it all depends and there is not one single number. But there is other stuff to keep in mind here that can help, at least….

For example, you can generally know when your pizza oven is now, more or less, hot enough and the pizza can be taken out. To further elaborate on just what I refer to with this, all you really need is a small handful of flour. And how’s it work? Well, if that flour happens to catch fire in 10 seconds or less, or even in an instant, after you’ve dropped it in through its slot, then you’ll know the oven is hot enough. This indicator will not lie and it’s a little trick that works without fail every single time.

If it burns up too hot, in under a second, like a half sec or so, people have said that it indicates that it’s too hot and you need to cool things down. I don’t know how much I’d agree with this particular point as it has not been backed by experts. Yet it does seem to make sense, naturally.

If that happens to be the case, in either setting, then all you need to do is remove some of the embers currently in the oven. You can use a simple shovel to take them out. This will help cool things down, a bit, on the inside. As the pizza oven heats whatever is inside, it is also important to note that it’s likely engaging in one of three kinds of heat (which also, thus, affects where the pizza is ‘at’ in terms of finished or not, as well as how long it’s got left to get warm or hot, respectively).

The three kinds of heat that I just referred to here are known as radiant heat, convection heat or even conductive heat. Radiant heat, first of all, is probably the easiest and simplest to explain here. It is basically the heat that gets released into the dome.

Conductive heat is different. It’s transferred differently. It comes from the hot bricks And as for the convention, it’s even more interesting. This type comes when fire and air mix. Fresh air finds the chimney fire, and they intersect.

You see? You can learn something new every single day. So, in a nutshell, it can depend — how long it takes your pizza to heat up and cook nicely in that oven.