Which Weber Grills Have Sear Station?

Author : Efrain Silva

Weber grill sear stations allow you to sear in just minutes. This type of station is unique in so many ways. And it can be used with many different models of Weber grill, all in all.

Sear on one side, then flip and sear on the other. The sear station also comes with its own ‘reverse sear’ function, which is interestingly unique, in a sense, to Weber. Within this feature, you may be able to cook most of the food, until it’s nearly all complete (while in a lower temperature setting), and then sear away.

Anyways, you may be wondering exactly which models of grill allow for this sear station and include it? So, first of all, Weber is coming out with brand - new models every year, so you may note a few more, in years (or even months) following when you read this. But at this time, I will at least cover a few of the most known Weber grills that do carry this. The first one I really like is the Weber Spirit E - 310, which, as many also agree on, is top - rated in terms of its sear station. So it’s got a sear station built - in, and it’s a darn good one, to say the least. Over 5,000 high - rated reviews have also said the same thing.

You can sear up to 12 burgers at a time, on this one, and then decide how you like it. You can cook things indirectly and do a lot of other great functions with just a few button pushes. This grill is fully packed with features.

There is also, I might add, a Weber grill I did not know too much about but which has now gained my respect, based on everything I have just read about. This sear - station - equipped grill is called the Weber Genesis E - 310, and similar to the Spirit model we just briefly looked at, its sear station also holds five stars online. It is one of the features that people really look up to the most about it. Though it can not rotisserie, and there is no side burner included, the grill itself and the sear station on the grill itself are no less than excellent. By the way, I did notice that, more and more, it seems that the Genesis and Spirit models are starting to include sear stations, which is something to think about as a ton of such sub - models under Weber do have them.

Speaking of which, another Genesis model that comes with a sear station is the top - rated (5,000 + reviews at 4 / 5 stars each) SE - 330, a special edition model. The SmokeFire EX 4, by the way, is another. And though it is not necessarily a Genesis or Spirit model, its sear station still blows the competition away. There is also the one and only Summit sub - model, of which many have sear stations (S - 460, S - 660 and new announced models to come).