How do I Identify My Weber Grill Model?

Author : Efrain Silva

How do I know, all in all, which kind of Weber grill I have? How do I know its model, etc? A great question. We will answer it here….

First of all, this is great information to not only find out (as you are doing now) but to also write down and keep somewhere handy for whenever you might need to replace any part on the grill, order the exact same grill (but as a gift for someone else, or perhaps your old one has given all it had to give), or anything else. Now, conveniently, offers its own serial number tool which buyers can use at any time ; it exists just to help the customer’s lifetime Weber grill experience go a whole lot more smoothly and pleasantly, all in all. It seems they really have thought of everything. A Weber grill can sometimes be a pricy product, so the idea is for it to last and for the buyer to have every single little thing they need along the way, including, in this case, the actual model information.

Once you have found the serial number on the grill, you can just plug it into the serial number tool online, and bada bing! It will tell you what model of Weber grill that you have. Is that not genius? It seems Weber is also on top of things in terms of tracking every single type of model they have ever made, along with its respective serial number, just to save you and me a little bit of hassle. Thank you, Weber.

There is more to add here — you should want to note that, when looking for the actual serial number itself, Weber has officially stated that it will always start out with two letters. And then after that, following it, are several sorts of numbers. Keep that in mind. And to further add, a common example could look something like this here : “BH 8392738”.

If, for any reason at all, you are not able to find that serial number (and, thus, the model you have), simply do not worry about it. Instead, pick up your phone and dial straight into the customer care line that Weber handles, at 1-800-446-1071. Then, an expert from the Weber customer care team will be able to help identify the model that way, and the process can involve you taking a few photos of the product itself, from various different angles, as well as answering any questions about the product to the best of your knowledge.

Make sure that the grill is nice and presentable, and you can at least distinguish what size and color it is. If you have a measuring tape, measure it and record the dimensions. Then tell them to the representative who is helping you.

All this information can help. The official Weber site also has a page made specifically to help you locate the serial number if you’re having a hard time. It’s here.