How To Clean A Pizza Stone

Author : Efrain S.

Cleaning a pizza stone does not have to be rocket science — thankfully, there is knowledge out there and wise guys like me to help, he he he heh. Let me share. Let me open your mind….

It’s time to dive in : First off, turn on your hot water and put the surface of the stone right under it. Blast the hot water and use a decent amount, remember that you should let it fully dry out before even putting it away or re – using it. Show no mercy with that hot tap water. Give it about 2 – minutes.

Then, if you happen to have a stone brush laying anywhere around, pull it out and scrub away at the stone’s surface, once more, perhaps getting any little particles or food residue you might have missed ( some can be so small or even invisible, as well ) . You can follow that up with a damp rag, too, one that has only been wet with a couple drops or so ( of water or a cleaning solution you like to use ) . A dry – clean towel works great, too, when you want to help it clean and dry off ( ever heard of one of these? I hadn’t until just a few weeks back, he he he heh ) . Once that pizza stone has been fully dried, and you’ve given it plenty of time and checked it yourself, let it sit in the pizza oven once more until you have a new job for it to do ( another pizza to cook, of course, he heh ) .

Now, as a side note, if you happen to have some ugly stains on the stone that you simply could not get off using these methods, then you need a more advanced approach — and I want you to try this out : Get some water and some sodium bicarbonate. You want to mix them equally, to make a solution in the form of a paste, which you are then going to brush off using an old toothbrush. Scrub hard — this usually does the trick for even those naughtier stains. Look up any of countless videos or tutorials online as to how to prepare this paste…. so many experts out there share their insights, and it’s not too hard to do either, thankfully.

If you’ve got burns on the stone, pre – heat your wall oven to 500 degrees F. Then place the stone in carefully right on the top rack. Let it burn inside for an hour to an hour and a half ( just an hour is more than enough, usually, though ) . Set the cycle for Auto – Clean. The oven itself ought to do the rest for you. Let it cool off, then remove it and check it out. Repeat if you have to. We hope this has helped. Give it a try.