How to Slice Meat Thin Without a Slicer

Author : Efrain E. Silva

Start with getting a nice rimmed baking sheet out in front of your prep area, where you are going to work from. Next, put all the meat you’re working with on there and throw it inside the freezer. Make sure not to cover the meat. Let things sit there for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, watch a few quick commercials and get a laugh, go for a walk, text your lover, anything brief that won’t distract you for too long or let you forget that your meat is in the freezer…..

So, 15 minutes are up. Pull it out. Now, then, you are going to want to notice that the meat’s gotten a little more firm and perhaps easy to manage. If it’s steak, this should be extra beneficial and will be easier to slice quite thin….you may not think so now, but just bear with me….the best part is up ahead….

Now, slice through that steak with a special chef knife designed for slicing. Get one at the store. Costco sells a pack for just under $100. Slice, slice and slice more easily, right through (given that there is no bone you are slicing through but just meat). Keep in mind that, when doing this, you ought to not go past 1 / 4 inch in thickness. Thinner is better, of course.

After you have mercilessly sliced everything right down to the size you want, season things up. Add some marinade of your choice or even a nice, smooth kosher salt blend. You could even, right at this point, get a skillet nice and hot and put some olive / canola oil right on it, letting it cook up, and then add the meat on. When you notice the outside starting to finally look like a nice, deep brown sort of color, flip things over for another bit.

Here is one tip that I have noticed has helped me as well : I do not know where I would be if I did not have my nice wood cutting board with me. It makes such a difference and can save you in a tough spot. When cutting those meat pieces thin with your cutting knife, make sure it’s all done nice and neatly over the board. It helps. All in all, this helps keep the meat stable so it does not slip (it’s aliiivvveee….yikes), especially since your hand must be nothing short of both steady and precise if you want to get really thin and detailed when slicing.

Also, slice — get this — in the right direction. No, I am being serious. Google how to cut against the grain, or towards it, depending on the specific meat you have and how it’s been cooked / not cooked.

And since it’s been in the freezer for just the right amount of time, this helps with the temperature and firmness, making for an easier slice. We hope this read has helped! Remember it next time you slice your meats.