Harbor Freight Hamburger Press

Author : Efrain E. Silva If you are a fan of the hardware store known as Harbor Freight Tools (and I myself am more than their biggest fan —- they have so many branches here in Colorado), then you may or may not have known that, at one point, they did come out with a burger press. Some now call it a vintage item and sell it on rare occasions online ; ebay is a great spot to find it but you may notice that it is in limited quantities there. So order as soon as you see one become available and hope that you do not have to bid for it —- in that case, try and be the highest bidder without over - spending. That’s where they get you! At least, that is my opinion.

Anyways, let me walk you through some further info on this product in case you would like to know more about it but do not find many details listed online (I had the hardest time myself trying to find any data on the web for it, but thankfully, I do still have a copy of the Model 44934 user guide / manual and can extract some info from there in this blog…so enjoy it and soak up all you can. I can share all I know here for just a bit). First off, you will want to know this press is made of some solid, die - case, polished (ooh, refined, I guess) aluminum and nothing of cheap quality. That is always a must - known and must - appreciate fact for any such product as this.

Also, 3 / 8 inches is the max thickness you can get with this press, not something to complain about at all….it does that job nicely, too, I might add. It comes with its own turn screw and lock, as well, to help things get even more smoother than cherry pie….which, I guess, is something you might want after that rich and hearty burger, right? Nothing beats the combo of a strong meal backed up by a yummy dessert, eh? But to add to the facts even further, this nice product also features a quality - made upper, middle and lower base so you can get the full deal all in one package. It compartmentalizes nicely and gives room for every type of adjustment as well, and it’s a wonder, with all this, that I couldn’t find any more models of these available when I walked into my Aurora Harbor Freight location the other day….guess I may have to drive further up north to see if those stores might still have one or if they really are sold out for good in this area (either of which would not surprise me one teeny little bit, all things given).

There you have it, folks, just a bit more than the Internet can give you on this product. Order it online if you get a chance. It is a nice little investment for a press, and you’ll spend like less than $15.