Vevor Commercial Frozen Hard Ice Cream Machine Maker 20 L/h Yogurt Ice Cream Maker

Author : Efrain S.

Yogurts, parfaits, hard or soft ice cream — there are lots of things this ice cream maker can crank out for you. So what are you craving? It’s worth the $900 and I am about to tell you more on why….

First of all, it’s got a high – efficiency voltage capacity and works at only the highest of power, ensuring it cranks out great ice cream non – stop ( even around the clock, if you own an ice cream store, for instance, and need to pull out lots of orders fast, it can make it happen ) . We’re talking about 110 volts. And for wattage, it goes to a full 1400. Now that’s awesome. Plus, you get 3,000 ( yes, read it again, ha hah…. 3,000, not 300 ) rotations in a single minute. RPM, yup…. like on a car. But this time, it’s for an ice cream maker, he he he heh.

And not only that, but to add to this, the body is sturdy, stainless steel. Only the best in class. It is so easy to clean and shines well in the long run, once you do. Make sure to scrub it clean once or twice a month, which should only take you about 10 minutes to do, and you should be all set to go and keep using it. Crank out those many orders!

Its core, however, is not made of stainless steel but it gets even better here…. guess what it is? Well, COPPER. Yup. Copper. It’s part of the ice cream maker’s high – end air compressor, all in all, which, by the way, also includes with it noise reduction, energy – saving and rapid cooling features, all in all. Now why would I lie? I checked it out for myself. And yes, I’m sure this all DOES sound too good to be true, but I assure you, it’s not. These are the real facts….

And by the way, while I’ve got your full attention, he heh, did you happen to know that it uses an intelligent smart display? Even one with an LCD? Yup. It’s all true. And also, it’s got a very big exhaust system that was properly built into it, which means it can handle a whole lot of orders and a whole bunch of pressure, all at once, he heh. If you manage multiple ice cream orders for your shop, per say, this can get the job done and save you some time, plus efforts in clean – up ( since it cleans up so easily as well ) .

To get a 10 L batch or serving of hard ice cream out, by the way, it only takes a half hour. That’s not bad at all. And for twice that amount, at 20 L, you’re looking at 60 minutes ( which goes by fast, he heh, when you’re busy ) . So check it out!