Can You Keep Leftover Fondue?

Written By A Special Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesomely Unique FOOD Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Yes. Keep reading to learn how.

I like that you read the title, first ( hoping you did, he he heh heh ) . And next, you might be thinking to ask what a fondue even is? Well, good — it at least shows that you have some interest in the word and wish to possibly learn a new thing today, am I right, folks? Well, if that be the case, I want to first welcome you to this page and tell you, in the plainest and simplest wording available to me, right at this moment ( he he he he heh ) that a fondue is just simply this… a Swiss dish ( originating right from the heart of Switzerland but now eaten fondly in the US and in many other places of the world today ) . This dish is basically just melted cheese… but prepared so nicely, and so deliciously. It is basically a fancy prep dish of melted cheese on a plate, which you can use to eat directly, to compliment with something else, or to use as a sort of dip or back – up dish / appetizer sort of thing. I, for one, have had my fair share of fondues, both those that I have made at home, and those that I have tried at restaurants, and can tell you that sometimes all you need is a little fondue to make your day. Are you a cheese lover, after all? Then you probably have not lived until you have tried a fondue at least once, he he he he heh….

Now, then, I would also like to just say this next — if you have not, that is okay. There is a first time. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll try fondue for your first time. And if you fall into an instance in which you find yourself with some LEFT – OVER fondue, then do not panic —- I am here to tell you that this is okay as well. And yes…. you can re – use it. Let me tell you a bit more….

Own a deep – vesseled pot at home? Hopefully so. Look around and find one ( or buy from Amazon / Ebay ) . With it, just simply fill it up with some basic water, half – way. Boil it. Add a glass bowl on top ( without it touching the actual boiling water, of course, he he heh heh ) . Put the remaining fondue cheese in the bowl and mix it up, avoiding sticking. Then eat and enjoy!

Be sure to also use like a spatula or mixing fork as you mix things up in there. Don’t let any gooey stick at the bottom of your glass bowl… I repeat that for emphasis! It’s important.

I hope this helps. Have you learned something? Check out the other blogs here.